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Linode celebrates 12th birthday by adopting KVM and boosting cloud server performance by 300%

Galloway, NJ – Linode, a leading cloud-hosting provider, celebrated its 12th birthday today by announcing the availability of KVM-powered Linodes.

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Linode Fortifies its Managed Service with cPanel & WHM Partnership

Galloway, NJ – Since its launch in 2012, cloud-host Linode’s well-received Managed service has provided in-depth system monitoring, swift incident

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Linode Stackscripts Library gets 400+ New Apps

Softaculous Ltd., the developer of Webuzo – Single User Control Panel which helps you deploy Apps on your server, virtual

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Linode Introduces $10/Month Plan

Galloway, NJ – Linode adds $10-per-month plan – or 1.5¢ billed hourly. “Market has spoken,” says CEO Christopher S. Aker;

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