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Simplifying your web hosting experience

Simplifying your web hosting experience
April 05
08:46 2018

Web hosting can be simply described as the process of putting a website at a specific place on the internet. Most people usually have their current files including documents, software, and pictures on their computers. Only they can access these things and in the event, they wanted to send them to friends or colleagues they would have to send them to them individually. Basically instead of sending files individually to people hosting enables you to host those files online. Normally your website acts like the file and this file is put on the internet so that different people can access it. Web hosting makes it easy for you to send complicated website files to people. In order to view your files people just need to type in your website URL. A good example of a website URL is Web hosting makes it possible for you to put all your content on the internet and also makes it easier for people to access that information.

Web hosting is currently becoming a very important aspect of promoting services and projects for most business organizations. The internet opens up endless possibilities for business owners. There are millions of people who come to look for information there; web hosting ensures that these people are able to view your business and its products. Web hosting is effective for businesses because it is a well-known fact that being online all the time is a hard thing for all. Below are two main points as to why web hosting is a complicated undertaking.

1. There are too many hosts

There are too many service providers for website hosting in the market. This matter of fact can be a times over whelming to someone looking to engage a service provider. These different service providers come with different prices and features. The question that begs is whether you get more services by paying more money and last but not least the issue of hosting sites being spammy is of a major concern to all. All these factors make it so confusing to settle on one site.

The truth of the matter is that hosting should not be hard at all. It is funny to imagine that most companies and firms should have known this by now. The problem is that there are loads of hosts in the market. There is lack of consistency even though the prices for bandwidth and storage keep on deteriorating. One wonders why hosting is so expensive, and yet the quality remains wanting.

Sadly there are serious disparities between sites. Whether a site is reliable or not is a herculean task. The pricing they offer potential clients cannot be used as a determining factor.

2. Lack of reliable services

Anyone who has tried to find honest and credible hosting company will tell you how incredibly hard to do.  Search results for reviews can sometimes not provide tangible information for the person looking. The sites are full to brim with nonsensical review sites which just offer affiliate links and copied reviews of other sites. The fact that reviews are always mixed up makes one suspicious because you are constantly wondering whether you have made the right choice.


When deciding which host you should choose the most important question you need to ask yourself is what purpose does it serve. You need to ask yourself whether you are creating a business website or a blog or just considering the possibility of making the next Instagram. Secondly one needs to be conversant with the different types of hosting solutions available in the market place. There are four main solutions for the hosting problem and this include:

  1. Dedicated
  2. Shared
  3. Cloud Hosting
  4. VPS
  5. Elastic Sites

Choosing a host does not only depend on what you want to use it for but also your budget. The cheapest option available in the market is the shared hosting and the most expensive service is the dedicated host. One needs to carefully go through the pros and cons of each one of them so as to choose the most effective host for your website.

For someone looking to create a website for business purposes, they need to consider the option of using Elastic Sites for hosting their websites. Those website hosts that provide elastic sites have discovered that it is of paramount importance that they be expandable and very flexible. This is mainly because they need to stop their customers from upgrading to VPS. Those elastic Sites that are willing to remain in business have improved the quality of services by presenting or offering plans that can upgrade a site as far as 16 cores and 48GB RAM. Elastic sites are beneficial to both the customer and the host. Due to minimum management, they reduce the overall cost of operations which is good for the host as it increases their overall profits.

Below are several compelling reasons as to why you should choose an Elastic Sites to host your Website.

  • Elastic Sites are cheaper and more affordable to maintain compared to other service providers.
  • Customers are not required to learn a new set up
  • Elastic Sites offer you more resources than any other host without there being a need for extra management.

In a recently conducted research done by CloudLinux and cPanel interviewed customers and hosting providers felt that: VPS is not the best solution for people using shared hosting. This is mainly because they require lots of support and it is very likely to have your plan canceled. Those service providers who use Elastic Sites, on the other hand, found that using this product usually requires that you offer your clients CloudLinux Os for the purpose of making a bigger shared hosting plan so that to satisfy your client’s needs. New plans cure the problem of server management, hardening, and software installation. It is now common knowledge for all that shared hosting clients are very easy to support and the servers are also easy to maintain and support. This is mainly because shared hosting only requires one instance of OS, MySQL, Apache, etc. This saves a significant amount of overhead compared to those using VPS.

Here is a Approved Host company offering Elastic Site hosting services.


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