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Virtuozzo Storage Plug-In Receives Docker Certification, Now Available in the Docker Store

Virtuozzo Storage Plug-In Receives Docker Certification, Now Available in the Docker Store
June 30
07:37 2017

SEATTLE – Virtuozzo, a hyperconverged infrastructure software provider, today announced that its persistent storage plug-in has been accepted into the Docker Certification Program, a framework for partners to integrate and certify their technology to the Docker Enterprise Edition commercial platform, and is now available online in the Docker Store. Virtuozzo first released its storage plug-in for Docker in 2016, and now provides persistent storage support for all Docker environments.

With the Virtuozzo storage plug-in, Docker users can build a production-ready hyperconverged solution that combines persistent data storage and management with Docker container orchestration. The plug-in makes it fast and easy for users to integrate Virtuozzo’s software-defined storage solution and Docker compute resources. The need for dedicated storage hardware is eliminated, providing users with a flexible, high performing storage solution that can easily grow with deployment size, capacity and demands, while automatically ensuring that storage is never a bottleneck in the container orchestration platform.

The ephemeral nature of containers and the data within them presents a challenge for companies running applications, such as databases and logs. These applications must have a way to store persistent data in the most efficient and flexible way. In addition to Docker-certified compatibility and ease-of-use enabled by the new plug-in, Virtuozzo Storage enables Docker users to overcome these challenges with a proven, secure and high performance software-defined storage solution.

  • Combined storage and compute resources to leverage the same hardware – Virtuozzo Storage has very modest requirements for computing power and does not require or depend on dedicated or highly available hardware, utilizing regular HDD and SSD drives. This allows users to combine compute and storage to build a high performance hyperconverged infrastructure environment that can run Dockerized applications and store their persistent data in the most efficient way.
  • Reliability and scalability – Virtuozzo Storage automatically builds and maintains the required levels of data redundancy with automatic load balancing, detecting failures and performing auto-recovery when required. The storage cluster adjusts to provide continuous data access for clients. There is no single point of failure in any component – data stored will continue to be available when a server that hosts pieces of data goes offline or fails. Both capacity and storage bandwidth scale out linearly with the growth of storage clusters to ensure the solution grows with demand.
  • Balance capacity and performance with support for erasure coding and replicas – Virtuozzo Storage lowers TCO with RAID 6 erasure coding, which enables more efficient use of disk space minimizing overhead due to the redundancy required for data protection. Virtuozzo Storage also provides customers with flexibility to support more demanding workloads, including advanced cloud services and databases, delivering tens of thousands IOPs to those applications.
  • Volume and S3 Object Storage in a Single Solution – Virtuozzo Storage supports both Volume and S3 storage. There is no need for users to evaluate, mix and integrate different solutions to support their Docker Enterprise Edition environments with Virtuozzo Storage, which enables easy deployment and management from the same solution.
  • Simplified UI manages makes deployment and management simple – Easy to use web-based management interface enables centralized management and visibility across all types of storage in production.

“Our storage plug-in for Docker makes it easier than ever to enable a persistent storage solution that has been optimized for container workloads,” said George Karidis, CEO at Virtuozzo. “Together with Docker, we’re helping customers drive greater adoption of containerized applications, while taking performance and efficiency to new levels with integrated containers and storage.”

About Virtuozzo
Virtuozzo is a hyperconverged infrastructure software provider with integrated container, hypervisor and storage solutions that power production-ready workloads with the lowest TCO for service providers and businesses. Virtuozzo was the first company to monetize container workloads and has 5 million virtual environments in production today. Virtuozzo is also an active contributor to many influential open source projects, including Linux kernel, OpenVZ, CRIU™, KVM, Docker, OpenStack, CNCF and OCI. To learn more, visit

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