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AltusHost Upgrades ALL Web Hosting & VPS Hosting to SSD Storage

AltusHost Upgrades ALL Web Hosting & VPS Hosting to SSD Storage
June 07
09:39 2017

Amsterdam, Netherlands – SSD (Solid State Drive) technology is rapidly taking over traditional, less-reliable hard-drive based storage systems. In response, web hosting industry leader AltusHost has just announced a bold move to SSD technology across all tiers of service.

“The decision to switch to SSD follows our company’s commitment to being – and remaining – on the cutting edge of web-hosting and remote storage solutions. It is what our customers expect, and what we strive to continuously deliver,” said Nataša Kilibarda, AltusHost’s spokesperson and Marketing manager.

SSD outstrips traditional hard drive technology in almost every area. Not only does it ensures a faster data transfer speeds, SSD dramatically decreases any chance of corruption or loss of data.

“These issues have been part of the overall hosting equation since ever,” Kilibarda said. “While we have always had industry-leading safeguards in place to protect our clients’ data, the decrease in data loss issues with SSD technology will allow us to provide better customer care overall.”

The projected decrease in data loss issues will open up more opportunities for AltusHost to keep improving and evolving as a global web hosting provider, according to Kilibarda.

As an extra layer of protection, the company is also offering DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection on all Netherlands-based plans.

“We have some of the best anti-hacking tech available already,” Kilibarda said. “Zeroing in on DDoS – one of the most disruptive forms of hacking out there – is a logical and truly necessary part of our business.”

Kilibarda went on to explain a bit more about DDoS technology.

“DDoS Protection, just a few years ago, was a premium product. With many providers, it still is. And yes, there is a lot of concerned people out there who are paying huge amonunts of money for it. By constant modernizing of our infrastructure and through strategic partnerships with multiple vendors, we have developed an all-inclusive product. It includes a reliable level of protection, and it is included in the actual price of our services” she said.

Service options available to AltusHost customers include VPS (Virtual Private Servers) with DDoS, Dedicated Servers with DDoS Protection, and DDoS Protected Hosting.

AltusHost is a European Web Hosting Company, that has been cultivating a growing international presence since 2008. Those interested in more information on SSD or DDoS services are encouraged to contact the company directly at

About AltusHost
AltusHost provides outstanding European Webhosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers, and Colocation in Netherlands and Sweden since 2008. Their goal is to offer high quality services, at the lowest possible rate and the highest customer satisfaction. A diversified, well-trained and motivated talent pool work cohesively to deliver solutions around the clock and to provide recognized global results to their clients.

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