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CloudLinux Reveals the All-in-one, Automated Security Solution for Linux Web Servers, Powered by AI

March 31
06:11 2017

RUST, GERMANY & PALO ALTO, CA – Leading OS developer for hosting providers, CloudLinux, announced today the release of Imunify360, the all-in-one, automated security product powered by the herd immunity and artificial intelligence. It protects Linux VPS, dedicated, and shared servers from digital attacks. It works on CentOS, Red Hat, and CloudLinux OS 6 and 7.

“The types of attacks that target web hosting servers greatly differ from those targeting the enterprises, but the majority of security solutions available were developed for the enterprise”, said Igor Seletskiy, chief executive officer of CloudLinux. “Hosting providers are an easy mark for hackers who want to make easy money, and we want to ensure that our customers don’t let attackers profit off their servers. We developed Imunify360 to address the web hosting market security concerns specifically”.

Imunify360 combines a signature-based approach with a powerful new machine learning technology to process all insights collected from servers all over the world. It constantly analyzes results to maximize effectiveness. Imunify360 protects Linux web servers against malicious attacks, various infections and specific threats for hosting, including brute forcing techniques that are frequently used by botnets, and is the most common attack within the hosting industry.

“Our solution utilizes herd immunity, analyzing data on the global scale, automatically generating firewall rules and constantly tuning security algorithms,” added Seletskiy. “It can already eliminate 85% of false positives and we anticipate to reach 95% and even more soon”.

Imunify360’s six-layer approach includes sophisticated self-learning firewall, malware scanning, reputation management, and other advanced features to provide total protection against threats. It includes smart intrusion detection and protection systems (IDS/IPS), intelligent sandboxing that is coming soon, and an easy-to-use centralized dashboard integrated with cPanel, the most popular control panel on the market. Integration with other panels, such as DirectAdmin and Plesk, as well as no-panel support is coming soon.

For web hosting providers Imunify360 delivers:
1. Better Web server security: Sophisticated detection of security threats, including distributed brute force attacks, powered by the self-learning firewall with herd immunity.
2. Safer Websites: Sophisticated malware scanning engine can detect latest website-related malware. It makes sure that a website’s infections are detected and removed promptly before the site is delisted from search engines and blocked by browsers.
3. Cost efficiency: Hands-off automation with fewer actions required to keep web servers secure. All security settings are managed from a single dashboard. No need to handle different solutions from different vendors.
4. High customer satisfaction: Secure servers deliver increased uptime and performance while live patching of kernels eliminates reboots associated with security updates.
5. Ease of use: Customers are able to start with the default setting – the automated configuration is sufficient in most cases – and have the option to manually configure if/when desired. Incredibly easy to install, without a reboot.
6. Increased profits from VPS/dedicated customers: Web hosts can offer Imunify360’s comprehensive security to their customers as part of their product offering – bundled into their packages or sold individually – to generate additional revenue and offer more secure web servers without support headaches.

Rebootless kernel security updates service KernelCare is included with Imunify360. The solution also secures older PHP versions to make servers safer. It has additional features such an advanced Captcha system for vetting website visitors automatically, instead of blocking them by default.

Flexible bulk pricing model allows web hosting providers to run Imunify360 on their shared servers, and to acquire starting at $5 per server per month, and sell it to their VPS and dedicated customers to deliver better security and make their service offering more profitable. If purchased by April 30th, customers will be able to lock in an additional 20% discount when buying 5 or more licenses.

Imunify360 is also available for single-license direct purchase directly from the website. The free 30-day trial is available at

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