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Raleigh Cyber Security Expert Hosting Cyber-Security Round-Table Webinar for North Carolina Business Owners

Raleigh Cyber Security Expert Hosting Cyber-Security Round-Table Webinar for North Carolina Business Owners
February 01
09:34 2017

RALEIGH, NC – Cyber Security has been the hot topic of conversation among business professionals of all kinds lately. Cyber-security attacks on the leading institutions have been making headlines more often, and it’s served as a wake-up call for professionals across the country. Business owners in every industry want to ensure that their data and systems are safe and that they are in the know about potential threats to privacy or security.

RCOR Technologies believes that in the fight against cyber-crime, knowledge is power. This Thursday, February 2nd at 2:00 pm RCOR Technologies is hosting a cyber security roundtable webinar that will provide participants with the inside scoop on the cyber-security landscape for 2017. This unique and collaborative presentation will allow participants to be part of a highly educational discussion among industry leaders. Panelists will be discussing the cyber threats that plagued businesses in 2016, and how the hard-won lessons learned will affect the cyber security landscape in the coming year.

The expert panel will be offering their expertise and insight on a variety of specific cyber security topics including:

  • What emerging threats will businesses face in 2017?
  • How is ransomware evolving, and what is the potential damage it will cause?
  • Will government-sponsored cyber-espionage increase?
  • How will small businesses be impacted by cyber threats?

Also, this fully interactive webinar will give participants the opportunity to ask questions and develop a better understanding of how cyber threats can directly impact business. The goal is to keep business owners informed and armed them with the strategies to stay secure in an ever-changing and increasingly vulnerable cyber landscape. Registration for this one-time informative event is still open, and full details can be found at

RCOR CEO, Timothy Richter is committed to taking advantage of any opportunity to enrich the business community and keep professionals informed about all things cyber-security. “At RCOR, we have a fundamental mission to drive success for entrepreneurs through innovative and strategic technology solutions,” Richter says. “Technology should always enhance a business’ productivity and growth – it should never be a window through which business data is attacked, and privacy violated. We invite all professionals who are looking for the inside scoop on cyber-security to register. Business owners can never be armed with enough knowledge to protect the livelihood of their business.”

If you’d like to connect your business-minded audience with more information about Thursday’s cyber-security round-table discussion and how it can help them stay vigilant, please don’t hesitate to contact RCOR CEO Tim Richter to learn more.

Timothy Richter, CEO – RCOR Technologies
(919) 313-9355 – tim(at)rcor(dot)com

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In today’s technology-driven business market, business IT infrastructure must be designed to keep up with evolving customer demands and increasing market competition. When companies choose to work with RCOR Technologies, they’re able to rest assured knowing they will stay ahead of the competition with around-the-clock monitoring and maintenance, comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery solutions, reliable email filtering, web hosting and more. RCOR is committed to serving as a valued business partner with all clients that offers IT solutions to propel business missions forward.

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