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QualityHostOnline Offers Windows Hosting Plans

QualityHostOnline Offers Windows Hosting Plans
February 08
08:37 2017

New York, NY – QualityHostOnline rolled out new hosting plans this week that will ultimately benefit all clients currently running servers in MSSQL and Windows environments.

“We are pleased to be able to offer this new product,” said Salman Usmani, QualityHostOnline Operations Manager. “We believe that our existing customers will see a significant improvement in website performance and new customers will be impressed by the quality of this new service.”

Founded in May of 2001, QualityHostOnline maintains its commitment to providing Internet solutions that meet the standards of a competitive global market. “QualityHostOnline is driven by an enduring commitment to reliable, professional hosting services,” Usmani said.

Since its beginning, the company has earned a reputation for providing high-quality, affordable hosting solutions for individuals and businesses. Their hosting packages are designed to fill any organization’s web hosting from small-to-medium business websites to high-volume sites for larger businesses and e-commerce.

Currently, QualityHostOnline is offering this new tier of service at a 50% discount. When asked how long the discount will be in effect, Usmani was very direct. “We expect to receive a high volume of response to this promotion and while we would love to be able to offer these prices forever, there are a limited number of accounts to whom we can offer these rates.”

The sale is set to run for at least the next two weeks, but customers should not count on an extension. “The time to take advantage of this deal is now,” Usmani said.

Those interested in adding the new plan to their hosting package are encouraged to visit QualityHostOnline at their company website:

The promotion is available now to both existing and new QualityHostOnline customers and will extend until all available discounts have been applied to customers’ hosting packages. Mr. Usmani would not commit to an end date for the promotion but stressed that interested customers, both new and existing, should contact the company today to claim their discount.

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