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New Dedicated Server Hardware Results in Significant Performance Gains

February 13
08:58 2017

MIAMI, FL – ServerPronto, a leader in dedicated server hosting for over 15 years, released a new dedicated server hosting package, the Pro Plus v4 Dedicated Server. The new server package makes use of Dell’s latest single socket 1U rack mounted server, the DSS 1510, and one of Intel’s latest Xeon processors, the E5-1650 v4. To mark the launch of this new hosting package, ServerPronto is offering $50 off of the server’s monthly price for the life of your account (requires promo code: v42017).

The DSS 1510 server features new and optimized hardware designs to provide an uncompromising server value. Dell’s Quality Assurance puts all of their server grade hardware through extensive testing, ensuring each server is optimized, stable, and performs as intended. This is why hardware such as the Intel E5-1650 v4 was released in Q2 of 2016, but wasn’t available in Dell server hardware until December, 2016.

ServerPronto prides itself on offering superior support at the right price and as such provides plenty of standard features with this new hosting package. The customer centric mentality results in free features such as rapid provisioning time, setup assistance, and 24/7/365 technical support. Other hosting providers would typically charge a premium for such services.

The Intel E5-1650 v4 is one of Intel’s latest server grade CPUs operating on their much improved Broadwell architecture. The processor itself is a Hexa-Core CPU with 12 threads, with each core operating at 3.6GHz. The faster frequency results in accelerated performance under high computing workloads and represents a 10% performance increase over the previous Haswell generation CPUs.

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