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Why Do I Need a Managed Dedicated Server?

Why Do I Need a Managed Dedicated Server?
October 05
08:25 2016

You have probably seen on several hosting websites the option to buy a managed dedicated server plan, or like with us, the management plan is already included. But what is Managed Hosting? We will explain this to you in short detail.

Providers have a different look at managed hosting. All I can tell you is what we consider managed hosting. You have providers who think “managed hosting” or “fully managed hosting” mean that they help you with a thing or two. But in our case we offer fully managed hosting just as the meaning should be: if you order a service with us we will guide you through any issues you have and fix these for you when you need our help. This can be: Installing software, installing control panels, installing plugins, installing network configurations and so forth. We offer this all for no extra costs at all. That’s probably why our customers are so happy about our fully managed service. It’s not a pay-for-play type of service like with other “managed” providers. We actually do as we say and we do not ask a dime more for it, just like it should be.

When you order premium hosting with us you don’t have to worry about managing a network, servers or plugins. We manage everything for you to make sure you can focus yourself 100% on the business that brings money in, instead of worrying about your website or server.

How nice would it be that you can focus on revenue instead of worrying about your server uptime and software updates? That’s why we offer Premium Managed Hosting to our clients. We understand your needs and we make sure those needs are fulfilled. We take full responsibility for helping you and your business.

Save money

This is probably something you would not have thought of right away, I understand. Premium Hosting will save you money. Why? You don’t need to hire a webmaster, you don’t have to use your own precious time to manage your server, and can now sell your time for other tasks. We try to eliminate downtime 100%. Downtime costs money. Why? If your website is not online you’ll lose business. We take this very seriously.

With managed hosting you do not have to worry about your server(s) and or website(s). We can monitor, maintain and update them for you and you don’t even have to ask for it. You have your personal contact engineer, which will help you in case of any issues.

So if you are looking for a server but don’t know how to maintain, install or upgrade it? You have no server management skills? Then we are YOUR team!

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