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vArmour Expands Security Capabilities Into Its Distributed Security System With New Cyber Deception Solution

September 07
08:03 2016

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – vArmour, the leading data center and cloud security company, today announced vArmour DSS Deception, a cyber deception solution built on vArmour’s distributed security architecture. This latest product illustrates the power of an all software-based distributed security system that can seamlessly incorporate new security capabilities into the unique architecture of the vArmour fabric.

Today’s security operations teams are tied to security infrastructures and postures of the past and are unable to keep pace with the evolving tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) of attackers. Cyber deception technologies have emerged to help organizations level the playing field; however, existing solutions are too complex and costly to operate and actually create additional security risks by not adequately isolating deception points.

“Organizations migrating to the cloud are faced with a new set of dynamic technology challenges that require a concentrated effort on better security,” said Tim Eades, CEO at vArmour. “The harsh reality is that many legacy vendors and hardware products won’t make the journey to cloud — it’s already happening in infrastructure and security is no different. vArmour’s integrated distributed security system is purpose-built for the cloud. Customers will benefit from our unique approach of combining cyber deception and micro-segmentation for improved security and agility.”

vArmour DSS Deception delivers the industry’s first simple, scalable, and secure cyber deception solution for organizations seeking a more proactive and robust cybersecurity posture. Easily downloaded and deployed in as few as 15 minutes, vArmour DSS Deception enables security teams to lure attackers away from critical assets and proactively identify attacks. When combined with vArmour’s industry-leading micro-segmentation product, vArmour DSS Segmentation, security teams can further prevent attacks by breaking the modern data center into smaller segments and can rapidly respond to security events by quarantining suspect workloads.

“Security defenses such as signature-based intrusion prevention systems, malware sandboxes, intrusion prevention systems and firewalls are continuously and purposely being evaded by informed attackers and their attack toolkits1,” wrote Lawrence Pingree, research director at Gartner. “Distributed Deception Platforms (DDPs) give rise to a new type of detection capability, leveraging deception to rapidly enhance detection and response regardless of the evasiveness of an advanced attacker.”

vArmour DSS Deception creates the illusion of attackable hosts to lure and identify attackers with an extremely small IT footprint. vArmour’s approach’s maps deception points to unused network addresses in the data center to create the illusion of thousands or even millions of attackable hosts. This lures the attacker outside the normal data center traffic patterns for easy identification. Further, vArmour mitigates the risk of actively engaging attackers on the network by leveraging their patented micro-segmentation technology to isolate and protect each deception point.

“More than ever before, the healthcare and life sciences industry requires more proactive threat detection capabilities around patient data and other critical data center assets with the onslaught in the number of cyber attacks and ransomware incidents companies are experiencing today,” said Keith Parent, CEO at Court Square Group. “With vArmour DSS Deception, we are able to secure our data centers with an extra layer of protection without the traditional management burden and capital expenditures of other solutions.”

“As an emergent technology advisor, we identified vArmour as an innovator early on. vArmour DSS Deception advances the vArmour system and gives our customers the upper hand against attackers,” said Jack Morawski, managing partner at “By establishing the illusion of thousands of attackable hosts using a single deception point, our customers can lure attackers into giving themselves away, watch their behaviors to improve security postures for the future, and quarantine them to stop them in their tracks. It has taken our customers’ defense-in-depth strategy from reactive to proactive in a matter of minutes.”

To make cyber deception more accessible to organizations, vArmour set out to address the historical inhibitors to widespread adoption. Key attributes and benefits of vArmour DSS Deception include:

vArmour DSS Deception provides integrated and automated deployment, configuration, and management as well as powerful alerting and analysis tools to accelerate security workflows — removing the traditional barriers of long deployment times, integration and ongoing management.

vArmour’s patented distributed architecture enables security teams to deploy deception points across an entire data center in a matter of minutes. This massive deception coverage is made possible by combining a single deception point with transparent traffic routing through the vArmour distributed system. The vast scale made possible by vArmour’s distributed architecture is unprecedented in the field of deception solutions to date.

Deception points are protected against exploitation by vArmour’s micro-segmentation technology allowing defenders to take the fight to the attackers while simultaneously isolating risk. For the first time, security professionals can proactively lure and identify attackers in their environments, without incurring the additional risks associated with traditional deception solutions.

For more information about the capabilities and benefits of vArmour DSS Deception, register for an upcoming webinar on Thursday, September 29 at 1:00pm EDT.

About vArmour
Based in Mountain View, CA, vArmour is the data center and cloud security company, and the leader in application-aware micro-segmentation with advanced security analytics. The company was founded in 2011 and is backed by top investors including Highland Capital Partners, Menlo Ventures, Columbus Nova Technology Partners, Citi Ventures, Work-Bench Ventures, Allegis Capital, Redline Capital and Telstra. The vArmour DSS Distributed Security System is deployed in a significant number of the world’s largest banks, telecom service providers, government agencies, healthcare providers, and retailers, and is leading the industry with a new patented, distributed approach to data security that allows organizations to deliver IT at the speed of business. vArmour partners with companies including AWS, Cisco and HPE to secure many of the largest data center and cloud environments in the world. Learn more at

1 Gartner, “Competitive Landscape: Distributed Deception Platforms, 2016,” August 2016.

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