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JavaPipe Launched New PHP Cloud Hosting Plans

August 19
07:00 2016

UTAH – JavaPipe, a leading web hosting company headquartered in Utah, has announced their new web hosting plan which is PHP Cloud Hosting.

JavaPipe, who were so far an established host in the field of Java hosting, have now stepped into PHP hosting. “All essential features of normal LAMP (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP) hosting combined with great redundancy and performance enhancements of Cloud are sure to make this plan a favorite choice of our customers”, says Constantin Oesterling, the CIO of JavaPipe.

Divided into three plans – Entry, Medium, and Large, JavaPipe’s new PHP Hosting brings a wide range of features which combines a shared environment as well as a reliable cloud environment. Clients get the latest of all versions, however, the most attractive feature is that even customers with old code can easily migrate to JavaPipe’s PHP Cloud Hosting and run their website in it without issues. JavaPipe supports multiple PHP versions, something which neither a normal Shared Host provides, nor a Cloud Host.

The range of PHP versions starts from the older 4.4 to latest 7, making the same plan usable by customers with years’ old code. Plans are differentiated by resource limits alone, and all features are available throughout all plans, making it suitable for a small customer to choose the smallest plan, without having a need to upgrade or purchase an add-on for any additional feature. The smallest plan starts at 5G SSD storage which is more than enough for a small to medium sized website.

The control panel provided with PHP Cloud Hosting is SiteWorx, as against the most common cPanel. SiteWorx is equally feature-rich and extremely simple to use. JavaPipe opted SiteWorx against cPanel, after thorough research. Siteworx provides a stylish GUI, which can be easily customized. Performance wise, it uses less resources than cPanel, adding those resources to the websites so that they perform better. In a nutshell, SiteWorx provides customers an awesome experience.

Hardware employed is super stable and JavaPipe uses solid SSD drives for best performance and speed. In addition, it uses CloudStack platform, which is an open source software for managing various cloud services. It is gaining a lot of popularity these days as an IaaS (Infrastructure As A Service) platform. CloudStack with SSD drives is a perfect combination which will render, high performance, high speed, low cost and close to zero downtime.

The hosting package comes with Softaculous, the magic software which bags 400+ CMS in it. It provides easy installation, maintenance, and management of all popular CMS like WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Magento, various forums, galleries, bulletin boards, shopping carts and what not. Customers can build their websites in a single click with the help of Softaculous.

Normally when too much features are bagged in a single plan, it’s natural for a customer to be concerned whether they will be able to offer a secure service. JavaPipe wipes away the security concerns by providing LVE and CageFS in their servers. All other server wide security best practices are taken care of as well. LVE makes sure that a single website cannot do any harm to the server, or affect other websites anyway. CageFS isolates the websites by putting them into a cage of their own and restrict access to each other. It prevents hackers, hides users from each other, and prevent overuse of resources by any user.

JavaPipe provides SSH access to their customers along with all packages so that expert users can use their command line. Providing SSH service is a potential risk, however, with CageFS it is not a bothering anymore. For secure transactions, free SSL certificates are also offered with all plans. When it comes to emails, additional spam and virus filtration along with all required features are also included.

Customers are sure to find any feature required for their website in JavaPipe’s PHP Cloud Hosting. With highly secure, high performance, feature rich servers, people would obviously think of the cost to be too high, but JavaPipe surprises the crowd there as well. The cost is more than reasonable and affordable for anyone. Not only that, the PHP hosting packages come with a 30-day money back guarantee. No questions, no delays, if users are not happy with the service offered, they can cancel their account anytime within the first 30 days and get the full amount back.

JavaPipe is a company whose main target is customer satisfaction – to provide a cost effective, secure, highly reliable and redundant service to their customers. That’s exactly what they have implemented in their PHP Cloud Hosting packages. More details regarding the PHP Cloud Hosting packages can be found at

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