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WiredTree Celebrates A Decade Of Managed Hosting Excellence

WiredTree Celebrates A Decade Of Managed Hosting Excellence
June 29
09:31 2016

CHICAGO, IL – WiredTree, a provider of fully managed server hosting, will celebrate its tenth birthday this June. Over the last ten years, WiredTree has cultivated a reputation as a managed server host dedicated to building long-term relationships with happy clients.

Since WiredTree was founded in June 2006, the web hosting industry has changed beyond all recognition. WiredTree has changed too. The company constantly innovates to remain on the cutting-edge of server and network technology. WiredTree’s clients have come to love the company’s regular “Level-ups,” which increase server resources for hosting accounts without increasing the cost.

While the company’s technology has changed, the values that inform its approach to support and server management have not. Providing innovative managed server solutions with customer support of unparalleled excellence remains WiredTree’s core mission. That approach has helped the company build sustainable relationships with server hosting clients and allowed it to flourish for a decade in a turbulent and rapidly evolving marketing.

“Ten years ago, I was sure the hosting industry needed something new. Not necessarily new technology, but a new approach to management and support services — an approach that puts clients’ interests first.” says Zac Cogswell, President of WiredTree, “After a decade in business, we’ve refined that approach, but the services we offer are informed by the same values. We take care of managing and securing servers so our clients can focus on building their websites, apps, and businesses.”

All WiredTree’s server hosting plans — which include virtual private servers, hybrid servers, and dedicated servers — include comprehensive management services at no extra cost. Server hosting clients benefit from proactive server monitoring and issue resolution, server optimization, and ServerShield, WiredTree’s comprehensive server hardening process with firewall and brute force protection, operating system and service hardening, and on-request malware scanning.

About WiredTree
WiredTree specializes in delivering managed hosting experience that places the client in complete command; covering virtual, hybrid, and dedicated web hosting. As champions of customer care, it’s no wonder that more than 5,000 clients enjoy WiredTree’s free hardware level-ups and a

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