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Switch Datacenters Deploys 10 GbE Dark Fiber Interconnect Solution

Switch Datacenters Deploys 10 GbE Dark Fiber Interconnect Solution
June 10
00:51 2016

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Switch Datacenters, a European data center operator providing colocation services and build-to-suit corporate data centers, headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, announces the deployment of a 10 GbE dark fiber interconnect solution between its two Amsterdam area data centers, Switch AMS1 and Switch AMS2. Delivered by euNetworks, the interconnect featuring DWDM technology provides Switch’s customers with multiple virtual fibers for backup and failover purposes and maximization of data center redundancy.

The data center interconnect (DCI) model deployed utilizes a resilient network architecture with efficiency-enhancing Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology. By interconnecting its two Amsterdam area data centers, Switch Datacenters is responding to the ultra-uptime needs of enterprise customers and cloud providers alike. With both of these Amsterdam data centers featuring Tier 4 specifications, enterprises and cloud providers are assured that they get the highest redundancy levels available in the market.

Switch Datacenters will showcase its interconnected Amsterdam area colocation data centers, AMS 1 and AMS2, at Datacloud Europe 2016 in Monaco. On this event, Switch Datacenters will also provide a sneak preview of its comprehensive data center expansion plans within the Amsterdam region.

“It’s a very efficient DCI network architecture we’ve deployed, also in terms of costs,” said Gregor Snip, CEO and founder of Switch Datacenters. “In the past, DWDM technology was mainly used by long haul DWDM platforms. With the advent of pluggable DWDM SFP+ transceivers, we are now able to connect up to a maximum of sixteen 10 Gigabit Ethernet channels over a single pair of fibers. As the distance between our two Amsterdam area data centers is not more than 30 kilometers, there is no need for complicated, bulky and expensive separate DWDM chassis systems.”

Some of Switch Datacenters’ customers have already expressed an interest in utilizing this new Amsterdam data center interconnect. Among them is a well-known global cloud player, with its primary infrastructure deployed in Switch AMS2. “This global market leader in cloud services solutions, actually our largest client present in AMS2, is committed to delivering enterprise-grade cloud services,” added Mr. Snip. “As security and reliability are of paramount importance for this company, they are now utilizing AMS1 for backup purposes as well as storage of image and video files from their security camera’s.”

Another customer, a Netherlands based hosting provider with its primary infrastructure deployed in AMS2 as well, is utilizing the newly created Amsterdam data center interconnect for establishing a Point-of-Presence (PoP) in Switch Datacenters’ AMS1 facility. By commissioning this PoP in AMS1, the hosting provider gets direct and reliable access to 460 available fiber optic connections – as AMS1 is located in the fiber dense area of Amsterdam Zuidoost.

The announcement follows the news that Switch Datacenters equipped its two Amsterdam area data centers, AMS1 and AMS2 (formerly known as WRD1), with Air@Work indirect adiabatic cooling technology now resulting in high redundancy and a calculated, ultra-low Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.07. Air@Works’ patented StatiqCooling synthetic heat exchanger technology also results in extremely low water consumption. The facility upgrade is part of an overall efficiency and performance upgrade from Tier 3 to Tier 4 specifications, which caters to the needs of predominantly cloud providers present in AMS1 and AMS2 – companies dedicated to provide their customers a truly 100% uptime guarantee.

Switch Datacenters had all of its systems (except the racks) upgraded to Tier 4 standard in close design partnership with Schneider Electric – from transformers to the electrical board and UPSs, and from busbar systems to the PDUs. “The newly established data center interconnect with DWDM technology further adds to our enterprise-grade characteristics,” said Mr. Snip. “It provides our customers in Amsterdam with highly redundant backup and failover options within an environment meeting full Tier 4 data center levels of resilience as standard.”

About Switch Datacenters
Founded in 2011 by Dutch Internet and hosting industry veterans, Switch Datacenters ( is a European carrier-neutral operator of highly secured colocation data centers and build-to-suit corporate data centers delivering its enterprise-grade services to businesses of all sizes including some well-known large global cloud players. The company is focused on delivering redundant (2N), high-available (100% uptime guarantee) data center infrastructure with Tier 4 specifications to ISPs, systems integrators (SIs), cloud service providers (CSPs), and enterprise customers.

Located in a fiber-dense area with 460 available fiber optic connections and 40 carrier networks on-site to choose from, Switch Datacenters’ flagship colocation facility in Amsterdam Zuidoost (Switch AMS1) has 8,320 square meters of available white space. Its data center in Woerden (Switch AMS2), with a total data center surface area of 5,500 square meters, is located about 30 kilometers away from AMS1 which also makes it ideal for twin/dual data center setups.

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