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Armored Cloud Now Enables Enterprise Managed Attribution on a Global Scale

June 29
09:24 2016

RESTON, VA – Managed attribution, the ability to mask location and identity online to aid research and investigations, is emerging as a key cybersecurity differentiator for globally competitive corporations and security-conscious governments. In response to increasing demand, Armored Cloud has released their latest Enterprise Managed Attribution security solution.

“The terms digital exhaust and managed attribution are surfacing more frequently when we talk with clients and cyberthreat organizations about their top concerns,” says Michael Howland, CEO of Armored Cloud. “The first is a way to describe the problem: footprints and trails left online by employees and contractors that can be exploited by bad actors. The second is the solution: adroitly managing who you appear to be and where you appear to be in order to thwart said bad actors.”

This shift highlights the growing importance of obfuscation and managed attribution, not simply as digital containment, but as offensive strategies. The ability to control a user’s digital footprint is at the heart of organizations’ efforts to privately conduct business and investigations on the public internet.

Armored Cloud combines the power of an international network of sacrificial nodes with non-persistent virtual machines, providing a hosted hardware-free solution that enables organizations to quickly privatize the public internet. By controlling both technical and personal attribution, this latest Enterprise Managed Attribution product ensures that any webpage visited, email sent, form completed, or application used does not leave a traceable digital footprint.

With applications able to obscure the work conducted inside state-of-the-art cyberthreat intelligence centers or protect investigators dedicated to fighting child pornography online, Armored Cloud’s Enterprise Managed Attribution can be quickly implemented across the globe for a few users or a few hundred users.

Demos and trials of are available to qualified organizations and businesses. Additional information about the Armored Cloud Enterprise Managed Attribution solution is available on our website at

Armored Cloud offers an enterprise suite of unique and innovative global enterprise solutions to organizations looking for competitive leverage and anonymized online activities. Operating under the philosophy that you can’t exploit what you can’t see, Armored Cloud offers a completely anonymous way for modern companies to do business, connect global resources, conduct research online, and collect threat intelligence data—all with minimal latency and zero impact to current business processes.

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