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Cartika Enhances Video and Live-Streaming on Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Cartika Enhances Video and Live-Streaming on Content Delivery Network (CDN)
May 06
11:52 2016

TORONTO, ONTARIO – Cartika, a leading provider of managed application and hosting services, announces significant new functionality to its Content Delivery Network (CDN). The new features offer optimization and improvements tailored for video and live-streaming. Additional upgrades provide users more control over key components of their CDN deployments.

The decision by Cartika to focus on video performance was based on the fact that the business use of video and live-streaming is increasing dramatically. By improving user experience, companies can make their content more engaging for their website visitors. Another advantage is that Google and other search engines reward a user-focused approach with more favorable rankings. By contrast, sites with poor video performance risk being penalized.

According to Cartika CEO Andrew Rouchotas, “for organizations relying heavily on video content or live-streaming, CDN has become a necessity. It’s not just relevant to content being served globally either as high definition video formats can be a challenge in the same city. This will intensify as more 4K video gets created. Our latest innovations were made with video and streaming in mind, but they further improve our ability to speed up the delivery of static content as well.”

The latest developments on the Cartika CDN platform include numerous performance and reliability enhancements for video and live-streaming. Added functionality lets users define and control advanced options such as regional and IP settings, caching parameters and NGINX controls.

The next phase in the Cartika CDN roadmap will be integrating the network with their Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering. This solution will allow clients to add an entire Virtual Machine (VM), plus all sites and resources on that VM, automatically to the Cartika CDN.

About Cartika Inc.
Founded in Toronto in May 2000, Cartika Inc. has established itself as a leader in application hosting and advanced clustering technologies. Cartika’s unique offering has made them a popular choice for cloud users across North America. The company’s broad range of infrastructure solutions and modular add-ons include proactive management services, 24×7 technical support for all hosting clients, powerful load-balancing and Cartika’s industry-leading Bacula4 Backup-as-a-Service platform.

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