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Free SSL certificates for every domain at InterNetX

Free SSL certificates for every domain at InterNetX
April 06
12:21 2016

Regensburg – InterNetX is now offering a free encryption service. Basic SSL is providing webmasters with DNS-validated SSL certificates, which can be ordered from InterNetX through a fully automated system. The service will be available from April 4, 2016, and is free of charge for all domains managed with InterNetX.

InterNetX is one of the leading providers of domain and hosting solutions on the international b2b market. Users around the world manage more than 3.8 million domains through the InterNetX software AutoDNS. Basic SSL certificates can be easily ordered in bulk by linking AutoDNS to SSL Manager, another solution developed by InterNetX to manage SSL certificates. The certificates are issued by Symantec, the largest provider in the area of online security.

Hakan Ali, founder and CMO of InterNetX, sees the free encryption as an essential step towards a secure Internet. “Merely three percent of all websites around the world are encrypted”, says Hakan Ali. “By developing Basic SSL, we are providing our customers with a practical solution to secure all domains managed with InterNetX and each newly registered address free of charge.”

SSL/TLS has established itself as a reliable means for protected data transmission. According to a representative study carried out as early as 2012, 70 percent of German Internet responded that they considered SSL encryption as a signal for a particularly high level of data protection. Services with high security requirements such as online banking, webmail services or professional shops are using certificates with Extended Validation (EV), which differ from other solutions in their particularly strict validation process and especially strong encryption. Upgrading from Basic SSL to certificates with a more sophisticated validation process is possible at any time via SSL Manager.

Search engines reward using the technology as well. Google is now considering encryption a ranking factor. Pages with HTTPS will have an advantage in search results. Basic SSL as an introductory solution allows each Webmaster to protect their page, presenting themselves as a reliable partner to their customers.

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About InterNetX:
InterNetX is one of the leading providers of first-class domain products and hosting solutions. With more than 3.8 million managed domains, over 350 offered ccTLDs, all gTLDs and more than 2,500 hosted servers, InterNetX is one of the most successful providers for resellers and professional users on the international market. InterNetX is a Platinum Partner of Symantec, the world’s leading provider of SSL certificates and manages more than 13,000 SSL certificates.

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