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tuCloud launches Safeweb, a cybersecurity model developed in collaboration with the NNSA.

March 07
12:16 2016

WALNUT, CALIFORNIA – tuCloud Federal Inc. today announced the launch of the Safeweb model, a new kind of cybersecurity model that leverages the principles of physical isolation.

Safeweb is a cybersecurity model developed in collaboration with teams at Sandia National Laboratory and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. The Safeweb model has been thoroughly tested in high security production environments, covering thousands of federal government users over a 4 year period.

The Safeweb model is based upon the principles of physical isolation and designed to physically isolate malware and cyber risks into virtual containers (disposable desktops or browsers).

Safeweb platforms are used by thousands of federal employees at a number of NNSA laboratories to provide ‘disposable’ desktops and browsers to federal employees. Disposable desktops are physically isolated, for one-time use only and are completely destroyed when the user is finished using them.

tuCloud CEO Guise Bule said today “The Safeweb model is the result of a four year project proving the model in production at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Safeweb is important because the model allows Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to secure the most common infiltration and exfiltration points on their networks, without restricting their employees access to the public internet, dramatically enhancing their overall cybersecurity posture.”

tuCloud is a defense contractor focused on cybersecurity and a key stakeholder in the original Safeweb project, tuCloud recently launched the Safeweb Engine, a proprietary cybersecurity platform built on the principles of the Safeweb model and developed in collaboration with Sandia National Laboratory.

tuCloud CEO Guise Bule also explained “The Safeweb Engine is the first cybersecurity platform designed to leverage the Safeweb model and deploy disposable Safeweb desktops and browsers, it represents the results of our collaboration around the Safeweb model with National Nuclear Security Administration cybersecurity teams”.

The Safeweb Engine was designed using a grid distributed architecture, enabling organizations to deploy large scale Safeweb clouds on commodity server hardware and protect their users from cyber attack.

Through tuCloud’s partnership with Teradici, the Safeweb Engine works natively with the PCoIP display protocol to deliver an exceptional user experience and enterprise grade security.

To learn more about the Safeweb cybersecurity or the Safeweb engine, please visit the website.

About tuCloud
tuCloud Federal INC is a federal contractor registered under CAGE Code 76ZB1, to check their credentials please visit the Defense Logistics Agency website ( You can find tuCloud on the System For Award Management website ( and also on the Dun & Bradstreet website ( using DUNS Code 967732400.

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