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Cirrus Data Awarded 4th Patent for Secure and Reliable Data Center Migrations

March 14
12:56 2016

NEW YORK, NY — Cirrus Data Solutions (CDS), a provider of non-intrusive storage migration solutions for enterprise and cloud data centers, today announced it has been awarded its 4th patent since its founding in August 2011. Founders Wayne and Wai Lam who previously co-founded FalconStor, together hold 23 patents, including Cirrus’s core technology patent for “Transparent Datapath Intercept,” a technology that eliminates the complexity and interruption to business when deploying storage management applications.

As filed with the U.S. Patent Office, the abstract for U.S. Patent No. 9,229,647 reads as follows:

“A first device in a network, having a first port, receives an identifier of a second port of a second device in the network, the network comprising a host entity, a switch, and a storage system. The first port of the first device spoofs the second port of the second device, during a communication with the switch.

“The first device receives information identifying a third port of a third device in the network that is zoned to the second port of the second device. The device identifies data stored in the storage system that may be accessed by the host entity, based at least on the information.”

The fourth Cirrus Data Solutions patent extends the protection of the host side intercept technique, which allows selected interception of storage links and limits the scope of exposure.

The enhanced technique provides greater flexibility and scope in supported configurations and topologies in enterprise storage environments. The added flexibility and control significantly increases the range and variety of applications using the intercept mechanism.

In addition to data migration and centralized data caching, the technology can also be extended to data protection with backup, archiving, as well as malware detection, and possible data intrusion, thus making it possible to enable a complete line of advanced network storage functions.

Cirrus Data is the developer of Data Migration Server, a solution for storage migration projects in large enterprises. DMS is ideal for use cases including: local storage migration (storage refresh), remote data center migration (DC consolidation or move), and physical to virtual (legacy to cloud transformation) conversions. No downtime is required throughout the deployment and migration process.

“To date, tens of petabytes of migration capacity has been sold to global professional services teams who use CDS DMS for performing near zero impact data migration and data center moves, realizing up to 71% resource savings for migration projects,” says Wayne Lam, Chairman and CEO of CDS.

About Cirrus Data Solutions Inc.
Headquartered in Long Island, New York, CDS is a developer of software for data migrations and caching appliances for enterprise data centers. CDS appliances are licensed through a growing network of systems integrators and partners including IBM, Datalink, Fujitsu, T-Systems, ePlus, and many others.

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