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GreenGeeks Leads the Way with PHP 7 Web Hosting

February 26
12:34 2016

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – PHP 7, an update on PHP, which is one of the top programming languages used in over 200 million websites worldwide, was recently released and becomes immediately accessible to current users of PHP 5.6 on the GreenGeeks and other servers.

“PHP 7 hosting is expected to deliver better performance than its predecessors: it can process twice as many requests per second with lower server memory usage than previous versions.” said Kaumil Patel, Chief Operating Officer. “GreenGeeks clients who are already on PHP 5.6 will automatically upgrade to PHP 7,” he added.

PHP has been powered by the Zend engine since its 1999 release as PHP 4. Zend is an open source execution engine for the PHP language. Zend for PHP 7 is code named PHP-NG referring to its next-gen credentials. Performance gains from upgrading to PHP 7 are significant, ranging from 25 to 70 percent improvement on apps deployment without necessitating any changes in code.

Enhancements in apps accessibility have been consistent whether these apps are used on websites, enterprise, cloud or mobile interfaces.

Apps perform faster at reduced server memory utilization. In today’s environment, technology usage has increased constantly with technology saturation and better connectivity, and website workloads have increased exponentially. PHP 7 powered by Zend NG facilitates improved capacity, ensuring that more users are served concurrently without any need for hardware upgrades. In addition, PHP 7 delivers additional features, including scalar type hints and declarations, the new Spaceship Operation that is useful for combined comparisons in sorting functions, addition of anonymous classes and other features that speed up coding and execution. PHP 7 deprecated certain functionalities, unsupported and obsolete APIs and extensions to support the improvements. Sites that are running on older PHP versions may experience some coding issues.

WordPress users and others who rely heavily on PHP for website development will sense an apparent improvement in performance with PHP 7 hosting. Existing elements that affect performance, such as latency, loading media and browser efficiency may still slow down the website execution, but the improvement will still be noticeable.

California-based web host GreenGeeks launched PHP 7 hosting for its subscribers as soon as the final version was released. However, current GreenGeeks customers with perceived compatibility issues with their websites may not automatically upgrade to PHP 7, but a manual option is provided to over-ride this setting, so you can configure the upgrade on your own. GreenGeeks web host specialists caution PHP users whose latest updates go back to 2000 that scripts and applications must be PHP-ready prior to upgrading.

To ensure that the GreenGeeks hosting environment meets your needs, contact a GreenGeeks hosting specialist to discuss the process of upgrading or migrating to a PHP 7 environment. GreenGeeks is focused on green web hosting by committing to the use of renewable energy and increasing process efficiency by deploying new technologies.

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