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WiredTree Advises Bloggers And Businesses To Protect Their Sites With SSL

January 27
09:04 2016

CHICAGO, IL – WiredTree, a leading provider of managed virtual private servers and dedicated servers has advised site owners to implement SSL / TLS on websites to protect users and improve search ranking. The advice is a response to a recent Search Engine Roundtable report (Jan 13, 2016) that shows a quarter of the top ten search results are HTTPS URLs and WiredTree’s observation that many hosting users have yet to take advantage of widely available encryption technology.

HTTPS connections, which use SSL / TLS certificates to encrypt all connections between a user and a website, protect users and publishers against man-in-the-middle attacks which give malicious individuals the ability to both observe and modify content flowing over a connection.

As a company that hosts thousands of sites of all sizes, WiredTree is well-placed to observe uptake of SSL / TLS, which is high for eCommerce and membership sites, and low for blog and marketing sites. The company would like to stress the advantage to bloggers and businesses of implementing SSL / TLS and to raise awareness of the ease with which SSL certificates can be installed and managed.

“When I talk to site owners about why they haven’t implemented HTTPS on their site, they often answer that either they don’t see the point, or that it’s too complex and expensive,” says Zac Cogswell, President of WiredTree, “In fact, users are becoming ever more sensitive to privacy issues on the web, and with the introduction of the Let’s Encrypt certificate authority, implementing SSL / TLS is both free and easy.”

Let’s Encrypt is a new certificate authority which provides domain-validated SSL certificates at no cost, and a tool that allows site owners to quickly generate, install, and manage the free certificates.

Like WiredTree, Google wants to encourage wider adoption of SSL / TLS, and uses the existence of HTTPS as a ranking signal — giving encrypted URLs a ranking advantage in search engine results. The privacy and SEO benefits of providing HTTPS connections are clear, and the cost is low — a situation which WiredTree hopes will incentivize site owners to protect their sites and users.

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