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Flux7 Named to 2016 Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards

January 25
12:32 2016

AUSTIN, TX – Flux7, an IT consultancy providing cloud architecture and migration services and solutions to help businesses modernize their IT practices, today announced it was named for the second year running to the Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards 2016. Judged by the Modern Infrastructure e-zine editorial staff, in conjunction with users, readers and industry experts, the Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards recognize two products in each of six categories. Flux7 was given Honorable Mention in the AWS Consultant/Integration Partner category.

The Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards recognize the top cloud and data center products, services and technologies making a difference for IT shops. Voters praised Flux7 for its extremely committed team, highly technical leadership, customer-driven focus and ability to change with the times.

Aater Suleman, CEO of Flux7 and professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin, said, “Our aim is to always set our customers up for success with their AWS infrastructure. As a result, it’s really encouraging to hear customers’ resounding vote for the quality of work and focus on technical excellence that we pride ourselves on at Flux7.”

Echoing Suleman’s comments was Shilo Rohlman, a software developer at Medallion Learning based in Denver, Colo. who was quoted as saying, “They are very technically capable, up-to-date with the latest AWS technologies, and responsive whenever we have questions or need assistance with our DevOps infrastructure.”

Focused on optimizing their clients’ AWS infrastructure and training internal IT teams to manage their own infrastructure, Flux7 is one of six award-winning tools and services in essential areas of technology that Modern Infrastructure awarded with the Impact Awards today.

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Flux7 architects cloud infrastructure frameworks that help businesses to modernize and optimize their IT systems, bridging the gap between a managed environment and independent system management. We enable companies in a wide variety of industries around the world to quickly create production-ready, secure, compliant and highly scalable environments by using automation, DevOps and best practices from hundreds of implementations. Unlike other cloud consulting groups, Flux7 emphasizes the transfer of knowledge to internal IT teams, helping them to become self-sustaining and improving their agility. For more information, please visit

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