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Five Subreddits Every Sysadmin Should Follow

Torkild Retvedt

Five Subreddits Every Sysadmin Should Follow
January 28
09:29 2016

If you’re in tech, you probably know about reddit – especially if you’re a sysadmin. But are you aware of EVERYTHING it has to offer you? Probably not – and that’s where we come in.

If you’re a sysadmin, there’s a pretty good chance you’re also a redditor. The two just sort of go together, like hipsters and instagram. There’s no shame in liking the social network, of course – it’s not called The Front Page of the Internet for nothing, after all.

Let me ask you something, though: what subreddits do you follow? Are you absolutely sure you’ve found everything that might catch your fancy? That you’re following every subreddit you could possibly want to browse?

Somehow, I doubt that you are. Reddit’s pretty huge, after all – big enough that even we don’t know everything that’s on there. Still, what we do know is some of the best geeky, tech-related communities on the site.


We’ll start with one that pretty much everyone’s probably aware of. r/sysadmin is a community on which administrators and other IT professionals discuss everything from cool experiments to terrible coworkers to current events. Give it a look if you haven’t already; you’re bound to find at least a few like-minded people on there.

Tales From Tech Support

Are you pulling your hair out over a particularly infuriating (or infuriatingly stupid) user? Are you starting to feel the temptation to rip out the guts of your server and walk out of the office due to the sheer level of ignorance in your workplace? Sounds like you could use a healthy dose of catharsis – and that’s exactly what Tales from Tech Support can offer.

Find comfort in the fact that there are scores of IT professionals going through situations exactly like yours (and much, much worse), or let off some steam by posting a story of your own.

Unix Porn

No, it’s nothing X-rated. Unix Porn is a subreddit whose users regularly submit screenshots of their Unix desktops, themes, and configurations – and trust us when we say there’s some really incredible stuff to be seen there. Whether you’re looking for a little bit of relaxation or trying to come up with a concept for a new setup, this one’s for you.


You know as well as anybody that sometimes, software doesn’t quite work the way it should. Occasionally, it’s the result of an honest mistake – somebody forgot a line of code, or accidentally typed in something they shouldn’t have. Sometimes, however, it’s simply shoddy programming; novice errors stemming from sheer laziness more than anything else.

The Software Gore subreddit exists to chronicle every kind of software glitch, quirk, and blunder. Some entries are funny, some are painful or infuriating, and some are just downright strange.

Tech Support

Last but certainly not least, there’s the Tech Support subreddit – because even you might occasionally need help with something that’s outside the scope of your knowledge. This one’s pretty self-explanatory, truth be told. Subscribe and post a question, or answer the questions posed by other users. Rinse and repeat.

Conclusion – A Few Bonus Subreddits

We’ll tie things off with a list of a few other subreddits that might interest you:

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