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DNS Made Easy Shares Expert Opinion on Trends to Watch for in 2016

DNS Made Easy Shares Expert Opinion on Trends to Watch for in 2016
December 30
10:50 2015

RESTON, VA – DNS Made Easy has been an industry leader for the past 14 years, and over that time has witnessed and even altered the evolution of DNS services. As the year comes to an end, the top engineers have convened for a round table discussion of upcoming trends for 2016. The discussion centered around the high tech industry, specifically networking and moving into the cloud.

Over the past few years, predictions have favored a shift towards the cloud. “Moving to the cloud has undoubtedly created a massive impact on how we engineer our products,” says President of DNS Made Easy Steven Job.

A byproduct of this movement to cloud infrastructure has been the development of a seamless user experience across devices.

This is what some colloquially call the “mesh.” While DNS Made Easy has had a mobile platform for a long time, their sister company Constellix is currently developing an integrated mobile platform. The platform is currently in beta for Constellix Sonar, with the Constellix DNS app coming in 2016.

“This next year will mark a drastic shift in how we design mobile applications for web-based software. The transition between the two has to be seamless, and the mobile version must have so much functionality it’s hard to tell the difference,” says Job. Although Constellix is still in beta, the developers have released a free mobile app for Android users called Sonar Lite. This tool allows users to have full visibility of network, from dozens of locations, all from their smartphone.

Previously, users were limited to only being able to manage their DNS or monitor their networks from their computers. 2016 will mark a huge leap for mobile, as users will be able to monitor their network from locations they choose, and make changes to their records all from their phones.

In the DNS space, IPv6 is starting to phase out the traditional IPv4 addresses. In a recent study it was found that over a third of United States mobile traffic has shifted to IPv6. In the last few years, it’s been widely predicted that these new forms of IP addresses would never take hold. However, the DNS Made Easy engineers anticipate this recent rise in adoption to just be the beginning of widespread IPv6 implementation.

About DNS Made Easy
DNS Made Easy is a subsidiary of Tiggee LLC, and is a world leader in providing global IP Anycast enterprise DNS services. DNS Made Easy implemented the industry’s first triple independent Anycast cloud architecture for maximum DNS speed and DNS redundancy. Originally launched in 2002, DNS Made Easy’s services have grown to manage hundreds of thousands of customer domains receiving more than 30 billion queries per day. Today, DNS Made Easy builds on a proud history of uptime and is the preferred DNS hosting choice for most major brands, especially companies that compare price and performance of enterprise IP Anycast alternatives.

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