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FortyCloud Enhances Network Visibility for Cloud Infrastructure Environments

October 09
12:04 2015

FortyCloud, a pioneer in Network Security-as-a-Service for the cloud, today announces the introduction of enhanced network visibility features.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) are well-established security disciplines, and are mandatory components in any enterprise network designed for compliance. The purpose of these solutions are to monitor the enterprise network, collect events and alert upon detection of suspicious behaviors an patterns, either in real-time (IDS) or in retrospect (SIEM). SIEM systems are also used for forensic analysis.

Many organizations find that a lack of visibility into their cloud deployments is a major inhibitor to cloud adoption, therefore FortyCloud’s timely release of SIEM and IDS capabilities is right on the mark. The collection of security events and real-time user and network flows by the FortyCloud solution elements, and the ability to deliver them to internal or external SIEM and IDS logics dramatically extends an organization’s view of its cloud deployment. This enhanced capability reveals access and authorization events, attack attempts and hazardous patterns.

FortyCloud’s Network Visibility Solution
With an integrated security solution now encompassing network security monitoring and packet analysis, the FortyCloud Gateways offer seamless auditing and monitoring features. This comprehensive solution now provides enhanced visibility into network flows, user access events, firewall alerts and more. This information, collected by the FortyCloud Gateways, can be fed for further analysis to market leading SIEM and IDS solutions to provide top-quality security controls of public or hybrid cloud infrastructure deployments, on single or multiple cloud platforms.

As Amit Cohen, FortyCloud’s CEO notes: “At FortyCloud, we are looking to provide a comprehensive security solution that complements security capabilities that are missing from the native cloud providers’ offerings. Many of our Enterprise customers were highlighting SIEM and IDS as critical building blocks that are missing from their cloud security toolkit. We are very happy to be able to bridge this gap for our customers and offer event collection as well as integration points allowing customers to bring their own SIEM and IDS solutions, thus making the cloud environment as secure as an enterprise data-center.”

These new capabilities add up to the broad security suite already available by FortyCloud that includes network firewall, Identity and Access Management (IAM), automation of security and cloud configurations, encryption of data-in-transit and cloud platform independence.

FortyCloud will be launching its enhanced cloud visibility offering at the AWS re:Invent conference in Vegas, October 6-9. The FortyCloud team will be available at the FortyCloud booth (#537) to demonstrate these new capabilities, in addition to the full product feature-set.

About FortyCloud
FortyCloud is a pioneer in cloud security, offering the industry’s most comprehensive network and access security solution for public and hybrid cloud infrastructure deployments. The company’s innovative SaaS solution incorporates Software Defined Security (SDS) and Software Defined Networking (SDN) to enable enterprises deployed in the cloud to build their own secure virtual private network over any number of cloud data-centers and platforms. Its award winning Cloud Network Firewall solution was launched in 2014 and has been since widely deployed on all leading cloud platforms by worldwide customers and partners.

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