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New Cabinet Level Containment Solution | AFCO Systems POLARIS

September 16
13:19 2015

FARMINGDALE, NY – AFCO Systems Inc., a leading manufacturer of Cabinet and Containment Solutions for the Data Center Industry has announced it’s new line of Polaris Ducted Chimney Cabinets.

“AFCO Systems has always been a leader in airflow management.”, said Michael Mallia, CEO of the company, which is based in Farmingdale, NY and has sales offices throughout the US.

“The new Polaris line of ducted chimney cabinets is the culmination of everything we have learned about cabinet level containment and airflow management. We were the first company to introduce the concepts over fifteen years ago and we have been refining our solution since then.”, Mallia continued. “We are really excited about this release and expect great response from the data center industry.”

Built on the AFCO Systems “S-Series” frame, Polaris has a 3000 lb. static load rating. It’s fully welded, steel construction is meant to bear the loads associated with high density applications.

An often overlooked aspect of high density cabinet deployment is cable management. Literally hundreds of network and power cables can be crammed into a high density server or network cabinet. Routing these cables and ensuring that they don’t impede airflow is a challenge that has frustrated many data center teams.

Polaris is designed to meet the challenge. Multiple mounting rail and cable management accessories are offered and can be configured to meet any application.

Of course, airflow management is the core of the Polaris design. Industry studies have shown that proper airflow management is a vital component of Thermal Management in data center environments. Polaris is engineered to prevent mixing of cold supply air with hot exhaust air. Baffles, air curtains and blanking plates are used to prevent mixing inside the cabinet. A ducted chimney is used to deliver hot exhaust air to an overhead plenum, thus preventing re-circulation of hot air back into data center environment.

Proper airflow management allows the data center team to raise supply air temperatures without fear of thermal “runaway”. Operating the data center at warmer temperatures saves energy and saves money. Raising the control set point even one degree can have a significant impact on annual energy costs.

“Not all data centers are designed the same, so we designed a chimney that is field adjustable. It can be installed and adjusted by one person, in minutes. We have put a lot of thought into Polaris and there are years of know-how backing it up. I am proud of my team for pulling this all together.”, concluded Mallia.

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