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Ichthys IT Services Improves Clients’ Security with Observable Networks

Ichthys IT Services Improves Clients’ Security with Observable Networks
September 21
11:21 2015

ST. LOUIS — Observable Networks, an emerging leader of network security technology and advanced threat detection services, announced today a significant new customer acquisition, Ichthys IT Services, a leading IT and managed service security provider for small and medium-sized businesses in southern New England.

“We are pleased to gain Ichthys as a client,” said Bryan Doerr, CEO of Observable Networks. “As a managed service provider (MSP), Ichthys must do all it can to manage its clients’ networks and data. Thom Fiorini, Ichthys’ founder and managing partner, first approached us to help his clients improve their security with regard to monitoring devices on their clients’ networks, including sanctioned and rogue devices. This level of monitoring is critical because many of Ichthys’ professional services clients face strict regulatory requirements.”

Observable Networks Dynamic Endpoint Modeling solution is the perfect complement to Ichthys’ current security portfolio, and will give them a better way to gain visibility into network device behaviors and identify advanced threats. Dynamic Endpoint Modeling will give Ichthys a new way to manage its clients’ networks, when compared to traditional security tools such as encryption, antivirus, firewalls, and malware-removal software. Additionally, Observable’s endpoint modeling solution overcomes challenges inherent in emerging technology trends such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), increased data encryption and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Dynamic Endpoint Modeling will help Ichthys monitor the behavior of client network devices by building a model of expected behavior. If a device begins to act in a way that is unexpected, the service generates real-time, device-specific alerts, enabling Ichthys staff to respond quickly. The model significantly improves on existing security-alerting solutions by drastically reducing false alarms. This is advantageous since it provides new insight into potential threats while enabling IT staff to respond quickly and efficiently and allows for easy integration with existing services and service delivery systems.

The Observable service filled an existing security gap for Ichthys by providing a solution that its clients lacked. Because Ichthys’ clients are smaller companies with less than 100 employees, many of them could not afford enterprise-targeted solutions. But doing without advanced security was risky for the client and unacceptable for Ichthys as a provider. Due to the number Ichthys clients who are healthcare providers, it became necessary to safeguard patients’ confidential information and medical records. Dynamic Endpoint Modeling’s affordable, subscription pricing model – based on the amount of devices a client wishes to monitor – gives MSPs such as Ichthys a cost-effective and flexible way to help clients improve security.

“We are excited to partner with Observable Networks and begin using their Dynamic Endpoint Modeling solution,” said Thom Fiorini, founder and managing partner of Ichthys IT Services. “First, this solution will give us a single solution for managing many different platforms and devices. Additionally, we are confident that this solution will help us gain increased visibility into our clients’ networks and significantly improve their overall security. Dynamic Endpoint Modeling is the perfect solution for us.”

About Ichthys IT Services
Ichthys IT Services has been serving the technology needs of small and medium-sized businesses in southern New England since 1992. Ichthys offers complete engineering, design, and support services for almost any IT project, helping its clients take advantage of technology to achieve their most critical business goals.

About Observable Networks
Observable Networks, Inc. is an emerging leader of network security technology and advanced threat detection services that identify compromised and misused networked devices currently escaping detection by network security tools. Observable’s endpoint modeling technology includes a cloud-based service platform incorporating automated security analytics and real-time traffic sensors to continuously model all devices on networks of any size, all the time. Endpoint modeling is indifferent to encryption and does not use threat signatures. Observable empowers organizations to readily understand normal and abnormal device behaviors in their networks, helping them to identify compromised devices and facilitate faster remediation. Observable Networks is a privately held company headquartered in St. Louis, MO. For more information, please visit

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