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AURO Enterprise Cloud Releases High Performance SSD Block Storage to Meet Customer Needs

August 17
12:12 2015

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — AURO, Canada’s first true enterprise public cloud, announced today the release of their High Performance SSD Block Storage. With Tier 1 high performance, this addition to AURO’s cloud computing product suite will guarantee IOPS and give customers faster storage for their database and applications.

Powered by OpenStack, AURO first launched its services in late 2014 with Canadian datacenters located in Vancouver, BC, its Western Canada region. Already, they are expanding their cloud by building out their second region in Eastern Canada in Toronto, ON, which will come online in the upcoming weeks. The Canadian cloud computing platform allows customers to achieve multi-region deployments across Canada while staying all within AURO’s compliant infrastructure. The upgrade is expected to further strengthen AURO’s services in Canada’s competitive cloud hosting scene and allow them to offer more to customers as an IaaS (infrastructure as a service) provider.

As part of the public cloud’s service upgrades, AURO is now including a new option for clients: its High Performance SSD Block Storage. AURO’s Block Storage is a highly available, redundant persistent storage service made for applications and databases that require frequent reads and writes. This is often the case for applications that need fast access to a file system, database, or raw block-level storage. With Block Storage, clients can easily attach and access volumes from running instances for additional storage, copy and back up data quickly and reliably with volume snapshots, create persistent instances to better save data and access stored and cached data faster.

AURO’s Standard Block Cloud Storage provides high IOPs using leading storage technologies running on enterprise-grade x86 hardware using ZFS for higher performance. To meet customer demands, AURO now provides the option for High Performance SSD Block Storage with Tier 1 high performance that allows applications to run with guaranteed IOPS and fast storage for databases.

You can try AURO’s new High Performance SSD Block Storage by contacting them at 1-855-226-4678 or email for more info. Pricing information can be found here.

About AURO
AURO Cloud, a Cloud by Canadian Web Hosting product, was built using OpenStack to give Canada its first true enterprise public cloud that can support a wide range of cloud computing requirements. With a free account, open APIs and Canadian cloud storage, customers get a platform that can deliver highly scalable public, private and hybrid cloud services, including operational and architectural compatibility with AWS. In addition, businesses now have cloud computing pricing that matches or beats other cloud computing providers. It is easy to use, self-service and available to everyone. AURO delivers a portfolio of services that include IT Infrastructure and Cloud Hosting, while giving users the benefits of Canada’s unique regulatory environment and data security, all within a 100% Canadian platform.

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