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ASEOHosting Comments To Clarify The Local SEO Impact Of New gTLDs

August 24
11:40 2015

HUDSON, FL – ASEOHosting, a leading provider of premium multiple IP hosting, has commented to clarify the impact of generic top-level domains with location-specific keywords on search engine optimization. Domain names like “.london”, “.chicago”, and “.russia” may look similar to country-code top-level domains like “.fr” and “.ca”, but, as Google recently confirmed, they are not treated in the same way for localization.

AHosting believes that confusion among site owners about the potential SEO advantages of the new gTLDs may cause some to invest in domain names in the expectation that they will confer an advantage in search.

“Many of our clients rely on our extensive portfolio of geographically diverse IP addresses and country-code top level domains for enhanced local and international search visibility,” commented ASEOHosting’s Vice President of Customer Relations, Daniel Page, “We’re concerned that confusion around the newer domains, which can appear to be localized to specific regions even though they aren’t, will influence web owners to invest in domains that will not have the inherent benefits of ccTLDs.”

Traditional country-code top-level domains do confer an advantage in specific areas, in that search engine operators assume that sites with ccTLDs are more relevant for the area in question. Ordinary generic domain names are not geotargeted in the same way. The new generic TLDs with region keywords like “.chicago” and “.london” are considered equivalent to other generic top-level domains, such as “.com”. The new top-level domains can be geotargeted in the same way as a “.com” domain, but that has to be done manually in Google Webmaster Tools, and confers no extra advantage compared to older non-keyword domains.

Regional keyword top-level domains are an excellent opportunity for branding and association with a specific city or region, but they do not confer the same SEO advantage as ccTLDs or manually geotargeted generic domains.

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