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AHosting Announces Stand Against Freebooting of Video Creators’ Intellectual Property

August 24
11:42 2015

HUDSON, FL – AHosting, a provider of premium FFmpeg hosting for video makers, has affirmed its opposition to the increasingly common practice of re-uploading video maker’s intellectual property to social media and video sharing sites in an attempt to deny creatives income and exposure from their work.

Freebooting, the name given to the practice by YouTuber Brady Haran, and publicized by other video makers, involves the downloading of popular video content from authorized distribution channels. The content is then uploaded to social media sites and other video sharing platforms, allowing the infringing party to benefit from the exposure and revenue generated by the content, and denying the content creator the benefits of their hard work.

“Our FFmpeg hosting platform provides an alternative to third-party video sharing sites like YouTube and Facebook. It gives video makers complete control over their content,” commented AHosting’s Vice President of Customer Relations, Daniel Page. “We’re proud of the creative, educational, entertaining content that users of our platform create, and we think that video makers should be able to build a sustainable business from their hard work. That’s why we want to affirm our opposition to freebooting, which is doing real harm to a fragile creative ecosystem.”

In essence, freebooting is no different to other forms of copyright infringement and plagiarism, including the unauthorized use of written content, music, and images. As in those cases, freebooting is harmful to the entire creative ecosystem, because it denies creators — often one-person or small team enterprises — the revenue they need to build a sustainable business from their work.

AHosting’s FFmpeg hosting platform was built to provide many of the benefits of third-party video sharing sites, including fast transcoding of video content, flawless streaming, and responsive social features. But, in a world where creative control is at a premium, AHosting also provides choices unavailable to users reliant on the video sharing giants, including a wide range of video sharing web applications to choose from, and complete, unambiguous control and ownership over all content uploaded to the platform.

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