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ObjectRocket by Rackspace Adds Managed Elasticsearch

July 20
10:12 2015

SAN ANTONIO. TX — Rackspace® , the #1 managed hosting company, today announced its leading managed database platform ObjectRocket is expanding its database service portfolio to include fully-managed instances of Elasticsearch, the open source, distributed, real-time, full-text search engine based on Apache Lucene. By providing a performant, highly-available, and scalable platform for Elasticsearch, Rackspace is enabling application developers to deploy full-text search capabilities within minutes for new and existing applications supported by MongoDB, Hadoop, MySQL and more.

Customers today require the ability to store, access and analyze petabytes of data from a variety of structured and unstructured sources. This requires search capabilities for quick ad-hoc data discovery. ObjectRocket for Elasticsearch combines the enterprise-grade performance and scalability of ObjectRocket with management and support from Rackspace specialists for Elasticsearch. The integrated approach facilitates rapid full-text search and analytics with pre-existing data from MongoDB and other databases such as Hadoop, MySQL and Postgres or new data sources.

“Adding ObjectRocket for Elasticsearch allows Rackspace customers to search across massive amounts of data and extract key insights in real-time,” said Kenny Gorman, chief technologist, data at Rackspace. “Our team of database experts is now fully trained and able to quickly set-up Elasticsearch so customers can run powerful searches in minutes to inform mission-critical business decisions.”

To give DBAs and developers hands-on experience pairing the capabilities of Elasticsearch with their databases and data platforms, ObjectRocket is offering a free service for 30 days for a two data node, 256MB Ram, and 2GB Disk instance so customers can experience the following features:

  • Provision Elasticsearch and Easily Index Data -Customers can provision Elasticsearch to execute searches on new and existing data.
  • Deploy Elasticsearch in Minutes and Scale Seamlessly -Elasticsearch instances can be deployed and scaled with just a few clicks.
  • Ask the Experts – ObjectRocket’s database experts are available to provide Fanatical Support® to customers 24x7x365.
  • Purpose Built Platform – Allows customers to take advantage of a unique, fully managed platform optimized for Elasticsearch workloads, managed and monitored by a team of experts around the clock.
  • Application Portability – Customers can run applications anywhere, including in Rackspace or AWS data centers via AWS Direct Connect.
  • Business Continuity – Offers free daily backups with SLA guarantees.

“If you want Elasticsearch at scale without having to worry about the software, this Rackspace offering is the only one able to deliver it at this point,” said Shiem Edelbrock, CTO, The Control Group. “We use Elasticsearch to run a lot of deep analytics, which are crucial for our business. This can be a complex and time intensive process, so I only had modest expectations for this new offering. I don’t know what kind of mythical creatures are powering the ObjectRocket machines, but I’ve actually never seen anything perform like they do. They have some of the fastest hardware I’ve ever seen.”

The ObjectRocket Platform by Rackspace is committed to reducing the time, cost, and expertise required to deploy and deliver the most popular Big Data, SQL, and NoSQL databases. With the addition of Elasticsearch, Rackspace continues to expand the breadth and capability of its portfolio of managed databases, including Elasticsearch, Hadoop, Spark, MongoDB, Redis, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Percona, and MariaDB. Customers have the flexibility to deploy across private, public, bare metal and hybrid clouds with options to automate and reduce the time and money needed to scale, manage and help ensure the availability of production database applications.

“Most businesses utilize multiple types of databases to meet the specific needs of modern applications, but this diversity can bring complexity,” said Nik Rouda, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “Standardizing on a bullet-proof, cloud-based infrastructure can simplify delivery without compromising quality. Rackspace has built a versatile yet tailored ‘polyglot’ platform to satisfy the most demanding requirements.”

ObjectRocket for Elasticsearch is currently available in the US-East-IAD3 availability zone and will expand to other U.S. and International data centers throughout 2015. For more information, visit:

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