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The Benefits of Setting Up a Private Cloud for Your Business

The Benefits of Setting Up a Private Cloud for Your Business
June 02
08:05 2015

Cloud computing is more than a buzzword. Cloud has revolutionized the way companies handle their computing needs, providing accessibility, cost savings and convenience. Cloud also produced serious concerns about security. That is why many businesses are switching from in-house IT and public cloud to private cloud configurations.

So what’s the difference between Public and Private Cloud?

In-House Cloud Computing

Many businesses still running their data centers in-house are not yet on the cloud. However, some have made the move to cloud in-house. Cloud computing uses multiple dedicated servers that are networked together for storing and managing data.

In-house Cloud computing may or may not reduce costs for businesses because they are forced to still build a data center, provide power, provide hardware, provide licensing, and hire technicians skilled in all of the above.

Outsourced Public Cloud

Outsourced Public cloud is the standard way that most businesses and individuals handle their cloud computing needs. The work is done by the service provider, dealing with the setup, maintenance and upgrades for applications, infrastructure and storage.

The three most common ways that service is are:

  • SaaS, or Software as a Service: This means the vendor hosts the application and the customer gains access via the internet. All types of services offer this, from Gmail to Dropbox.
  • IaaS, or Infrastructure as a Service: This refers to the vendor handling the physical or virtual servers, computers and storage requirements. Amazon and Rackspace Cloud are two examples.
  • PaaS, or Platform as a Service: This lets customers use virtual servers to run their applications. The vendor handles the hardware, network capacity, storage and operating system needs. Useful for testing and development, it allows changes in settings and upgrades to be done quickly. Microsoft Azure is one popular example.

A wide range of users share and have access to the same networks of servers and services…. And this is the biggest problem with Public Cloud Computing.

Private Cloud

Would you rather have your own private yacht or a room on a packed ocean liner? That’s the best analogy I can think of when comparing Private Cloud to Public Cloud computing.

With private cloud, you get all of the same features as Public Cloud Computing with one HUGE difference… it’s all yours! Meaning, there is no sharing of IP’s, hardware, cloud servers, or anything else. This is a big deal! In fact, you reduce your risk of DDOS attacks, security hacks, and resource abuse from other cloud users.

Utilizing Private Cloud Computing gives a business more control and security. They are no longer sharing their networked servers with anyone with the money to sign up. They control access, infrastructure and data.

With private cloud, you are the captain of your servers.

Security Fears

Security breaches common news today. They have affected public cloud services like Amazon Cloud, Dropbox and others. The customers affected felt it in their bottom line after dealing with the reputation management issues.

Because private cloud means you don’t share space with outside users, you have greater control over security, which also translates to greater uptime and more reliability.

Security concerns have caused many users to choose private cloud. For example, in a survey of government agencies by the 1105 Government Information Group, more than 300 officials said they are switching to private cloud because of security concerns.

A company’s data is its lifeblood. When this gets hacked, it can cause a meltdown for the entire entity. Trusting data to outside vendors makes the health and well being of your company vulnerable to hackers.

The advantages for a company that deals with financial information or healthcare data is obvious. But any company with data of value to outsiders will benefit from the security that private cloud offers.

With a Private Cloud, you know where the physical servers are and that they are properly secured and protected. You have total control of network security, deciding on the proper firewalls and anti-virus software yourself.

Make It Reliable

When you are the only user of a network of servers, you get more consistent levels of service. The performance of the entire system is more predictable. Managers and developers appreciate this greater reliability because it reduces surprises and keeps workflow steady.

Your speed is potentially greater because you can shift resources from one virtual machine to another. You gain in efficiency because you can automatically allocate resources from one server to another. You can also turn off unused servers if your usage needs are low. This also reduces costs because you are making the most of your hardware.

Flexibility and Efficiency

With private cloud, you can custom design a configuration that gives you exactly what you need. That includes high speed SSDs, hardware firewalls and other custom requirements. You can tailor the configuration to meet your preferences and your in-house way of doing things.

When you have your own private cloud, you don’t have to wait and test before trying a new configuration. If you need more disk space or RAM, you can reallocate your resources whenever the need arises. You no longer have to worry about finding a physical server that has the resources you are looking for, saving effort and frustration.

Who We Recommend

For the highest performance, security and reliability, FindMyHost recommends They offer private cloud services, letting your claim your own virtual private data center. This gives you secure cloud computing functionality in a dedicated environment, where you maintain control.

They know how to help you meet the demands of compliance, building your setup to meet any types of issues and concerns, including HIPAA audits.

For reliability and uptime, they deploy across three facilities, two in the Chicago area and one in Edison, New Jersey. This redundancy assures dependable uptime for your business.The data center, 22,000+ sq. ft. in downtown Chicago, is staffed 24/7 by systems administrators that operate on-site.

Available networks include Level3, NTT, TiNet, nLayer, Steadfast Networks, Abovenet, Verizon, Qwest, BT, CME, ICE, Sidera, T-Systems, Xo and over 100 more.

A few statistics:

  • The power density is up to 12kw per cabinet.
  • Fiber diversity is dual fully diverse fiber paths with building entry points and in-building riser.
  • Audits include SAS70/SSAE16.

If you are considering the private cloud alternative, your concerns are security and reliability. That’s what delivers.

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The Benefits of Setting Up a Private Cloud for Your Business - overview
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