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R1Soft Offsite Backup is the Ideal Solution for Escalating Data Issues

R1Soft Offsite Backup is the Ideal Solution for Escalating Data Issues
May 22
12:14 2015

As the information age moves into hyper drive, businesses are finding that they are compiling more and more data each year. If your business is like the average business, you are compiling data at an exponential rate. Unless you are using virtual storage options, you have been forced to store your data on hard drives that are becoming increasingly larger in order to accommodate the ever increasing amount of data. There are a number of issues that arise from this model of data storage.

1. Substandard Performance

One common issue associated with traditional data storage models is a decline in speed and performance. For a storage process that is built on weekly, incremental backups, the backup process will become increasingly slower. Additionally, the system will suffer from increasing errors that cause system crashes during the backup of substantially large amounts of data. This means that your weekends can be filled with anxiety as you wonder whether or not you will arrive at the office on Monday only to find that the system has crashed and the data has been lost or corrupted.

2. Lost and Compromised Data

Another issue that is an increasing concern is lost or compromised data. With so many regulations that dictate how data must be protected and stored, it is vital for businesses to take the necessary steps to protect personal and sensitive data. Data protection has become one of the top priorities for business IT departments. Companies have resorted to the use of dedicated secure servers that are offsite to provide the necessary security measures to protect sensitive data.

Realistically speaking, proficient and effective data storage is essential to maintaining an efficient computing process.

3. Continuous Data Protection

The solution to the issues that are presented by traditional data storage models is continuous data protection, which uses anytime interval backups that have very little impact on the server or the disk performance. Because the data is being backup on a more continual basis, there are fewer issues with decreased performance and system errors.

There is one similarity between the traditional process and the continuous process, and that is the fact that at the beginning of the backup process the system takes a snapshot of all of the data. This is where the similarities end. After the initial snapshot or replica has been created, the system uses a backup manager for the purpose of monitoring any changes on a continual basis. This means that when an incremental backup is run, only the blocks and files where there have been changes will be saved. This cuts down on resource usage, time and processing power and performance needs.

4. Increased Server Performance

One of the most prevalent benefits of continuous backups is the fact that the system only has to read the data files and blocks that have experienced changes, meaning that it does not have to re-read the entire compilation of data each time that an incremental backup is performed. Subsequently, the server performance is not negatively impacted. This reduces costs, frustration and system crashes that occur with nightly or weekend backups.

5. Saving Disk Space

Because CDP allows incremental backups throughout the day, the system can create and save disc space. Space is saved due to the fact that CDP only keeps the minimum amount of data in the disc storage that is needed for the representation of unique disc sectors for specific points in time. This is due to the fact that a full backup only needs to be performed once, and each subsequent time the data is simply being recycled repetitively, which does not require any additional disk space.

6. Reduction in Loss Data

The longer that you have to go between data backups, the more data that can be loss due to errors and crashes. Continuous Data Protection provides the capacity for improved recovery point objectives, which means that backups can be performed in shorter intervals. What this means is that if some sort of computing catastrophe strikes, there will only be a need to roll back to the last incremental backup, which can be anywhere from a few minutes to an hour.

7. R1Soft is the Solution

When it comes to Continuous Data Protection there are a number of different programs that can be used; however, there is one program that stands out above the rest — R1Soft. R1Soft provides the most comprehensive solution to the enigmatic issues that are associated with data protection and data storage.

With this program you can be confident in your server performance and server backup protocol. Not only does R1Soft provide optimum performance, but it also creates smaller backup windows due to shorter increments between backups, meaning that there is less chance of losing data. R1Soft also frees up disc space due to the fact that all data does not have to be saved each time a backup is done.

Whether it is open file backups, snapshots or bare-metal disaster recovery options, this program has the capacity to simplify and optimize the data storage process.

Just as important as choosing the right program is choosing the right provider. There is no shortage of providers, but just as with the program itself, all providers are not created equal. In a global market that is so competitive, it is essential to find the greatest value in all services purchased. One provider that comes highly recommended is AltusHost. Not only does AltusHost use R1Soft to facilitate its server backup, but they have also developed a reputation for providing cloud hosted storage backup at exceptionally affordable pricing. AltusHost has data centers that are located in Amsterdam, Netherlands and Stockholm, Sweden.  For more information including a test IP for speed testing check out

The company offers remote backups that can be performed and controlled from remote locations. All of the data that is backed up is encrypted in order to provide an additional layer of protection, making this particular model an ideal solution for off-site storage backup.

The rate at which companies are compiling data requires that they have an efficient storage system that can handle the volume. R1Soft offered through AltusHost provides an immensely high level of quality, protection and performance.

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