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Datarealm Announces Cautious Support Of The Protecting Cyber Networks Act

May 04
11:41 2015

Hudson, WI – Datarealm, a leading provider of secure cloud hosting, has announced its cautious support for the Protecting Cyber Networks Act (H.R. 1560), which is intended to improve the ability of US companies to respond to threats to cybersecurity and data privacy. The ability to share threat data with other organizations is vital to improving the security of online users, but that information should never include identifiable user data or the private data of clients.

As a company with two decades experience providing secure hosting for websites, web applications, and eCommerce stores, Datarealm has been on the frontline of the fight against online crime. The company has seen the threat landscape evolve from one populated by opportunistic attackers to today’s reality of technologically expert organized criminals and malicious state actors.

Datarealm believes that a new approach is needed. If US and international companies are to safeguard their data and that of their clients, it is necessary to build an ecosystem of shared threat data in which companies disseminate information about attacks and techniques. The Protecting Cyber Networks Act is intended to give companies like Datarealm the freedom to share such information. However, Datarealm is well aware of the potential privacy implications of such a scheme.

“The data shared should be fully limited to threat data,” says Andrew Auderieth, CEO of Datarealm. “The idea is to learn about and share details on security threats. There should be no personal information of private citizens shared between corporations and the government or between private corporations. We and our clients are placed in a position of trust by users of our services. It would be a betrayal of that trust to share user data. There is a fine balance to be struck between the necessity to protect users from cyber crime and the absolute requirement that their data remains private.”

While Datarealm fully supports the sharing of threat data with other companies, it is absolutely opposed to any scenario in which private user data is shared as part of that scheme without the knowledge or consent of clients and their users, and believes there is no reasonable justification for the sharing of such data with either other companies or the government.

Datarealm is committed to the security of its clients, and provides managed hosting products that empower clients to better protect their data from snoopers and online criminals, including a powerful virtual private network solution that allows users of the company’s cutting-edge cloud platform to connect to their cloud infrastructure with complete information security.

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