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AHosting Advises cPanel Site Software Users To Check WordPress Versions

AHosting Advises cPanel Site Software Users To Check WordPress Versions
May 29
12:12 2015

Hudson, FL – AHosting, a provider of premium WordPress hosting, has advised users of cPanel’s Site Software feature to check that any installed WordPress sites are at the most recent version.

The Site Software feature disables WordPress’ core update notifications and automatic updates. Although Site Software will handle updates for WordPress sites installed using the addon, in some configurations those updates are not applied, leading to potentially outdated and vulnerable sites. Theme and plugin updates are not affected.

AHosting, which uses cPanel on its shared WordPress and CMS hosting plans, is concerned that server administrators may be unaware of unpatched WordPress sites running on their server. Many administrators rely on the update system to notify them of pending updates and automatically apply minor point updates.

“We use cPanel because it offers excellent functionality to our clients,” commented ASEOHosting’s Vice President of Customer Relations, Daniel Page, “But we’re concerned that those clients and other server administrators may be at risk. Given the recent spate of WordPress vulnerabilities that have been discovered and patched, it’s essential that WordPress installations are kept up-to-date. If site managers aren’t receiving updates, they should manually check their WordPress installations as soon as possible.”

cPanel’s Site Software addon allows server administrators to install WordPress and other software quickly and easily. It also takes over the management of some functions of installed applications, including updates. To avoid conflicts with the WordPress update system, Site Software injects code into WordPress that disables core updates. cPanel then applies any necessary updates, often installing new versions shortly after they are released. In a limited number of cases, it appears that those updates are not being applied.

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