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New WordPress Done-For-You Service Helps Web Designers Grow Their Business With Expertly-Written Publish-Ready

March 02
12:33 2015

Sydney, NSW – As more web service-related businesses compete online to find new clients and sell WordPress services, things are only going to get tougher for newer and smaller web design firms and individuals starting out, especially those low on time and financial resources.

A newly launched and highly affordable “done for you” service called PremiumWP.Services helps web designers, web developers and content markets struggling to grow their business online with a unique competitive edge that provides them with leverage in the form of expertly-written, publish-ready WordPress content for their websites and blogs.

“20 years ago, Bill Gates said that ‘Content is King’ and then 8 years ago, internet marketing pioneer Seth Godin declared that ‘Content marketing is all the marketing that’s left.’ Content marketing is the most effective way to market and promote a business online, but everyone is just ‘too busy’ nowadays to write their own web content,” says Martin Aranovitch, the owner and main content publisher of PremiumWP.Services.

“Outsourcing the creation of content about WordPress to writing services and freelance writers typically leads to disappointing results. Often, you end up with poorly-written ‘blog filler’ articles that offer readers little to no substance and need to be completely rewritten. What’s the point of outsourcing to save time if you then have to rewrite all of the content again? It just defeats the entire purpose of outsourcing,” says Martin, who has spent years educating businesses about using WordPress to grow their business online and has written a number of comprehensive WordPress training guides for non-technical users as well as authoring a WordPress training plugin.

PremiumWP.Services provides web designers, web developers and even web content managers with very high quality, expertly-written WordPress content every month that is not only unique, original and ‘publish-ready’ to free them from having to write and publish web content on a regular basis for their own sites, but the detailed WordPress step-by-step tutorials and comprehensive articles are actually cheaper to buy than if you outsource work to cheap freelance writers, where you still have to manage the entire content writing process.

With PremiumWP.Services exclusive WordPress content membership service, all of the work of planning, researching, writing, editing and creating content each month that engages readers and is also optimized for search engines is completely done for you.

Almost half of all the world’s CMS-driven websites and blogs are currently powered by WordPress. This is largely due to an active and thriving WordPress developer community that makes thousands of apps (called ‘plugins’) and web templates (called ‘themes’) available to WordPress users and people who start businesses selling WordPress services.

Although WordPress is taking over the CMS world, Martin recognized an underlying problem that lies at the heart of the growth and sustainability of WordPress itself.

“The target audience for tens of thousands of technical-minded web developers and service providers comprises mostly of non-technical users and businesses who don’t care about all the technical stuff, they just want a website that will get them results online,” says Martin. As a WordPress educator and trainer for many years, Martin has seen first hand that the more you educate potential clients about the benefits of using and choosing WordPress, the more WordPress products and services they will want to use and buy from you. Businesses that continually provide content to educate and train prospective clients and non-technical users about WordPress, therefore, are bound to capture a greater share of the WordPress services market.

Martin then provides further insight into this problem by stating that “although there are many tutorials and articles about WordPress online, these are mostly targeted towards technical people and ‘do-it-yourself’ website owners who don’t really need to buy WordPress services. To make things worse, whatever content is available online to educate and train non-technical users and beginners about WordPress is there to promote someone else’s business, not yours. Every WordPress service provider still has to write and publish their own content to grow their business. PremiumWP.Services is an ideal service for WordPress-related businesses because it provides you with a complete ‘done for you’ WordPress content strategy that will educate your potential clients to choose your services instead of someone else’s, and then helps you train your new clients afterwards, so they will continue to use your services, not someone else’s, because of their ongoing relationship with you. Without continually publishing new content about WordPress that educates non-technical users to do business with you, you have no sustainable way to compete against companies that employ web content writers to gain a greater share of the web services market online using content marketing.”

According to its owner, PremiumWP.Services has developed a highly effective method that combines WordPress expertise with manually adding hundreds of unique variations to the content, thus ensuring that no two versions of the tutorials and articles that members receive is the same. This provides users with comprehensive expert-quality content that does not require rewriting to make it unique for search engines. In addition, content that is written exclusively for members of PremiumWP.Services comes with private label rights, allowing users to completely edit the content to suit their needs and even claim authorship of the content.

“I have spent years developing our unique ‘done for you’ and ‘publish-ready’ system,” says Martin of his newly-launched WordPress content service. “All the hard work has been done for you. You can literally just copy, paste and schedule an entire month’s worth of great WordPress content to publish on your website or blog. This then frees you up from having to create content for the rest of the month, and lets you focus your time more productively on other areas of your business, like finding and servicing new and existing clients. While you’re busy doing other things, your SEO-optimized content is working for you 24/7, getting indexed on search engines, helping to drive new traffic organically and keeping visitors engaged on your website and looking at your services, instead of going to your competition for information that can help them grow their business online.”

If content marketing is the only type of marketing left, then somewhere along the line, someone has to do the time-consuming work of writing great quality content for your business. That’s where PremiumWP.Services can give you the unique leverage that you need for expertly-written content at a price that no other content writing service can match.

PremiumWP.Services is an exclusive membership site with only limited spots available. If you need expertly-written WordPress content to grow your web services business, visit

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