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Zend Announces General Availability of Z-Ray for Magento

February 05
12:41 2015

CUPERTINO, Calif. — Zend, the PHP Company, today announced the immediate availability of Z-Ray for Magento, the ultimate PHP debugging and productivity solution for real-time visibility into Magento applications. Z-Ray’s “X-Ray vision” offers unprecedented, in-context visibility inside Magento applications, showing exactly what happens when constructing each page. Z-Ray, included within the developer-centric Zend Server 8, empowers developers to detect and fix issues earlier, collaborate with operations staff to quickly resolve production issues, and ultimately, deliver quality applications.

“We’re excited to see Zend innovating with the Magento developer in mind,” said Alan Kent, Magento Chief Architect. “Z-Ray’s Magento-specific capabilities help developers deliver higher performing and higher quality code faster, better delivering on the needs of the ecommerce- backed enterprise.”

“Z-Ray gives developers the application insight they need to create quality applications — from coding to deployment,” said Zeev Suraski, CTO and Co-founder, Zend. “Z-Ray empowers developers to see how their code is running in real time. Developers can detect and correct issues early on, resulting in fewer production issues and optimized application performance.”

Z-Ray for Magento Features, Highlights and Capabilities:

  • Analyze errors and warnings
  • Get deep insight on blocks, events, functions, handles, observers, request properties
  • Identify database queries issues
  • Inspect page requests
  • Debug mobile app requests
  • Debug web services API calls
  • Get insight on URL performance
  • Z-Ray: Debugging for Error-free, High-Performing Magento Applications
  • The new Z-Ray gives Magento developers deep insight during development, allowing them to resolve issues long before production. The result: improved code and application performance. Z-Ray displays all under-the-hood details and PHP requests involved in building a page. It provides critical information on blocks, events, functions, handles, observers, request properties, page requests, performance metrics, database query insight, session data and more.

Z-Ray Live! for Mobile and APIs
For mobile app debugging, Z-Ray Live! delivers information on requests originating from native mobile clients and API calls. Developers can then see into the server-side execution of mobile app requests.

Z-Ray Extensibility
Magento developers can easily create their own customized view in Z-Ray with the new Z-Ray Extensibility API to support any framework or application.

Production Snapshots
The new URL Insight identifies the slowest, poorest-performing, and most popular URLs. Full Z-Ray snapshots of these URLs reveal what real-world requests coming from real users look like.

New Zend Server 8 for Boosted Performance
In addition to Z-Ray, Zend Server 8 delivers a fully-integrated application platform for Magento applications based on the only certified PHP stack. It provides real-time monitoring features, increased Web server and application performance, a new easy-to-use interface, higher application availability, scalability and clustering.

Availability and Pricing
Z-Ray for Magento is available with Zend Server 8 now on Linux x86 and x86-64, Mac OS X, Windows x86 and x86-64.
Zend Server 8 development environment starts at $20 per month, or 3 cents an hour on Amazon Web Services. A free 30-day trial is available:
For more information on Z-Ray, visit:
For more information on Zend Server 8, visit

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