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Vastspace Offers New, High-Performance and Low-Priced SSD Cloud Server

February 09
13:09 2015

Singapore – SSD Cloud Server is game changing moment for customers deploying high I/O applications and databases. With SSDs, Cloud Server achieves tens of thousands of read/write input and output operations per second compared to hundreds of IOPS on traditional spinning hard drives in the past. Now, websites and applications are more responsive and boot up time has significantly been reduced.

The added feature on the self-service portal allows customers to take greater control of their Cloud Servers and scale the capacity according to demand. The portal improves response time and simplifies management. Customers can now easily schedule backup jobs or take backup of “Live” Cloud Servers without disruption.

Many cloud providers offer SSDs with expensive and higher ranges of cloud servers. The new SSD Cloud Server is more affordable. Customers will benefit from improved computing power with the low-priced SSD Cloud Server and enjoy great savings with the new pre-configured plans with processors, memory and disk size.

The Cloud Server Cluster offers fully native SSD servers using the battery-backed hardware Raid and enterprise SSDs with capacitors to maintain data integrity during a power failure. Each and every Cloud server node is connected via 10Gbps of redundant connectivity into our core and backup networks to ensure un-disrupted connectivity for both Internet and backup connections.

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