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rollApp Launches OpenOffice and LibreOffice for Firefox OS, Integrated With Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive

February 19
13:57 2015

PALO ALTO, CA — rollApp, a cloud technology provider that has virtualized dozens of popular desktop applications on Chromebooks, Android tablets and iPad, is now making its applications available on Firefox OS devices.

Today rollApp brings OpenOffice and LibreOffice — popular open-source alternatives to Microsoft Office — to Firefox OS phones. The company also releases Firefox OS versions of several other popular applications and productivity tools. All the apps are integrated with popular cloud storage services, so the users can work directly with their files hosted at Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.

“With the launch of rollApp’s productivity suite in the Firefox Marketplace, users now have access to a wide array of productivity applications on their Firefox OS devices,” said Bertrand Neveux, Director of Marketplace & Content Ecosystem at Mozilla. “The world is more mobile than ever, making productivity software a must for both business and personal use. We’re thrilled to offer the addition of rollApp’s selection of HTML5 productivity apps in the Firefox Marketplace.”

Making rollApp cloud applications available for devices powered by Firefox OS is a natural step towards implementation of the company’s vision to make any existing application available on any new device. rollApp users can access dozens of powerful desktop applications on laptop and desktop computers, on Chromebooks, on iPad, Kindle Fire, other Android tablets, and now on Firefox OS smartphones. Thanks to advanced support for HTML5-based applications in Firefox OS, users can install OpenOffice, LibreOffice and other rollApp-enabled apps directly from the Firefox Marketplace. Even though these are remote apps that are hosted on rollApp cloud, for the end-users they look and feel like any other locally installed native apps.

Firefox OS is a Linux-based open-source mobile operating system developed by Mozilla, the non-profit organization best known for the Firefox web browser. Firefox OS phones are offered by 14 operators in 29 countries throughout the world.

rollApp’s app hosting service is ad-supported and free to use on both mobile devices and desktop computers. It’s easy to upgrade to Premium subscription and get ad-free access to the entire collection of rollApp-hosted applications, as well as unlock advanced functionality, for just $6.99/month for the entire set.

About rollApp
rollApp Inc. is a Palo Alto-based venture-backed company established in 2011. It operates a software-on-demand platform that instantly delivers existing third-party software applications to any web-browser equipped device over broadband/3G/4G.

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