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February 27
13:14 2015

Hudson, WI – Datarealm, a leading provider of secure cloud hosting, recently commented on the perception of cloud security and the responsibility that both cloud vendors and enterprise cloud clients have to implement data security best practices to protect user data.

Cloud security should be viewed as a partnership between vendor and user, with both parties fully engaged in the implementation of secure systems and processes. Datarealm believes that cloud vendors should strive to provide clients with easy-to-use tools and support in using cloud platforms securely.

Creating and implementing a comprehensive cloud and information security policy enables companies to mitigate potential risks that arise through the use of so-called shadow IT and other insecure behaviour. Cloud vendors have a role to play in helping clients create and enact suitable policies.

“In the wake of multiple data breaches associated with other vendors, it’s clear that those vendors do not take a partnership approach to security or provide the tools necessary to implement security best practices,” says Andrew Auderieth, CEO of Datarealm, “The Datarealm cloud platform is fully compliant with security standards, and we offer easy-to-use tools — including our cloud VPN — that enhance the ability of clients to do their part in the information security relationship.”

Much of the recent dialogue concerning data security in the cloud has centered on the responsibility of cloud vendors to protect data and concerns that outsourcing data storage and processing to third-parties is more risky than in-house solutions. The abundance of recent security breaches and data exfiltrations lends credence to the view that the public cloud is less secure.

In reality, the expertise of cloud vendors like Datarealm, which has over two decades experience of building secure infrastructure hosting systems, leads to greater potential security than can usually be achieved by in-house or colocated deployments, but clients must be made aware that all data storage methods carry some risk and be educated as to their responsibilities for data security.

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