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mxHero’s New Save & Share Address Service Sends Email To Cloud Storage

January 02
11:42 2015

San Francisco, CA – mxHero, leading developer of email solutions, today announces availability of its newest service, Save and Share Email Address. The service provides each user with a unique email address that can be used to forward or copy emails to a choice of cloud storage services. Email sent to the unique address will store the message and any attachments to a predefined cloud storage folder designated by the user. Emails are automatically converted to PDF for easy reading and attachments stored in their original formats.

Save & Share Email Address extends the benefits of mxHero’s Save & Share Outlook plugin by offering the same functionality from anywhere an email can be sent. Users can send important emails from their mobile devices, tablets or laptops to Box, Dropbox, Drive or ShareFile. Alternately, users can add Save & Share in copy or blind copy to messages that should be recorded for later review and/or collaboration. Online forms and other automated systems can also use the address to archive key inputs directly to cloud storage for better management and collaborative access.

Save & Share resolves common problems inherent to email. Important messages can be pushed out of sight when in the dynamic environment of the inbox. Email saved to cloud storage benefits from a static environment away from the barrage of other messages that compete for the user’s attention. In addition, messages in the inbox cannot easily exist outside of the email environment, and thus cannot be treated as documents and stored with other, related and relevant files. Save & Share leverages cloud storage for critical email functions and document management in a convenient and secure service.

Alexis Panagides, CEO of mxHero commented:
“We’re thrilled to be adding this service to our mail2cloud product line. It offers users ubiquitous access to Save & Share, which has proven a critical tool for better and more secure email collaboration. We’ve already received great interest from firms in the legal, media and entertainment, and high tech industries and expect many more businesses to see significant benefits using this exciting utility.”

Save & Share Email Address currently supports all email services and Box, DropBox, Citrix ShareFile and Google Drive cloud storage.

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About mxHero:
mxHero is a company dedicated to enhancing email for businesses and end users. mxHero’s products and services gives companies, service providers and end users powerful new ways to control, use and analyze email. Apps developed for mxHero’s platform work with any email management program, including Gmail and Microsoft Exchange. More than 3,500 companies with 500,000 users have added mxHero to their email. To learn more about mxHero visit Find mxHero on Twitter: @mxheronet and Facebook:

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