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GigeNET Expanding Again. New Datacenter in Ashburn, VA Opens

January 26
12:31 2015

GigeNET is excited to announce they just opened a brand-new datacenter in Ashburn, VA. This is the 3rd location for the full service, managed hosting provider offering dedicated, cloud and hybrid hosting solutions. Their headquarters is located just outside of Chicago, where they own and operate a 17,000 square foot data center. They also provide a wide array of services at their expanded LA location.

GigeNET is proud to be part of the elite group in the industry that now has locations in 3 of the 4 largest datacenter density cities in the United States. Los Angeles at #1, Chicago at #3 and Ashburn at #4. *

GigeNET, looking for a strategic location, knew why Ashburn was where they wanted to set their sights. Intelshift Technologies states that “Ashburn resides in the 2nd fastest-growing county in the U.S., is the largest Internet peering point in North America, and it is the communication gateway to Europe.”

Ashburn is one of the busiest of Internet intersections where it houses 11 large data centers operated by Equinix Inc. Massive volumes of digital traffic flow between the nearly 200 networks that meet inside these buildings. These are the hubs powering the digital economy, and the strategic focal point for Equinix, which has built a prosperous business helping companies avert Internet traffic jams.**

With a new location in Ashburn, VA, Gigenet has opened the doors to huge opportunities for the growth of their clients and the organization itself. According to the Washington Post, “70% of Internet traffic flows through Ashburn’s pipes, that is equal to 2.2 trillion Google searches and 16.8 million WalMart shoppers zipping through Loudoun County each day. You’d think that kind of traffic would happen in Silicon Valley, Sacramento, or maybe even Chicago.”

The new “pipeline” also allows their clients to connect with their ever growing multiple network of transit providers, which include, Comcast, Level 3, XO Communications, Telia, Equinix, among others. As with their other locations, Ashburn comes with their highly talked about and sought-after customer support; operating 24 hours a day 7 days a week and is completely U.S. based.

The data center offers unbelievable benefits including: higher redundancy with a location on the East Coast, lower latency to Europe, increased capacity for their Automated DDoS protection and Proxyshield, and geographical availability that is spread far and wide to enhance load balancing capabilities.

One of the major benefits of opening a data center in Ashburn, VA is that it is one of the most concentrated locations of ip networks; it’s essentially the Silicon Valley of the East Coast and will greatly increase our peering connections.” explains Ameen Pishdadi, President of GigeNET.

Ashburn allowed GigeNET to add thousands of servers and an additional location for their cloud services. It is also completely compliant with key federal regulations and industry standards – ISO Certification, LEED Certification, and Uptime Institute.

GigeNET continues to be a leader and force in the industry. With plans to expand further and the multiple projects they are working on, it should be a very exciting year for the company. Ashburn was just the beginning, stay tuned.

About GigeNET
GigeNET is a full-service, managed hosting provider offering dedicated, cloud, hybrid, and colocation hosting solutions, as well as state-of-the-art DDoS protection. GigeNET is headquartered just outside of Chicago, Illinois, where it owns and operates a 17,000 sq. ft. enterprise-class private data center that allows GigeNET to offer clients high performance with superior security at affordable prices. GigeNET also offers its wide range of services in its newly expanded Los Angeles, CA, and Ashburn, VA datacenters.

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