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WiredTree Upgrades Anti-Spam Filtering to Cut Down on False Positives

December 03
10:01 2014

Chicago, IL – WiredTree, a leading managed hosting provider, today announced the completion of an upgrade to its spam protection system, dramatically increasing its effectiveness and allowing it to better avoid false positives.

Online spam has always been difficult to deal with, and some spammers seem always to find a way around even the most ironclad filters. To make matters worse, the more stringent systems have a tendency to mark even legitimate emails as suspect. The entire situation is somewhat out of control, and businesses are putting in their best efforts to battle it, often to no avail.

In order to better equip its system to deal with this difficult environment, WiredTree customized its SpamAssassin rules and scoring. It also added a number of RBL blacklists and whitelists, also set up with custom scoring. Coupled with its updated rulesets and optimized DCC/Razor2 configuration, WiredTree has been able to cut down on over 95% of the mail that was making it through its filters without increasing the rate of false positives.

“Spam is an unfortunate side-effect of doing business on the web, but that doesn’t make it any less troublesome to deal with” said Zac Cogswell, WiredTree’s president. “By upgrading our anti-spam systems, we hope to provide our clients with a better experience overall.”

“Our test case mailboxes receive hundreds of spam messages per day,” he continued. “Prior to the upgrade, 5-10% of those messages were making it past the filters. With our new custom rule-set, we’ve brought that number down to nearly zero.”

Many of the more stringent anti-spam systems are incredibly cumbersome to use, forcing clients to actively filter out messages that aren’t spam, explained Cogswell. WiredTree couldn’t afford to do this – it would run directly counter to the client-first philosophy on which the company was founded. The new custom rulesets allow it to cut down on the amount of noise in client inboxes, without running the risk of deleting something important, as well.

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