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NetFortris® Adds Advanced Analytics to its Cloud Network Management Suite

December 08
12:43 2014

SAN FRANCISCO — NetFortris®, Inc., the emerging leader in cloud-based voice and data networking solutions, today expanded its LiveWatch™ Network Analytics Suite providing analytics capabilities for easier, more efficient utilization of bandwidth and network resources. The new suite provides deep insight into the types and volume of data traveling through corporate networks, thereby giving administrators the ability to optimize networks for performance and economy.

“Bandwidth utilization is a fundamental component of overall network performance,” said Karen Salazar, SVP of Marketing for NetFortris. “Enterprise applications, file sharing, multi-media communications and video all compete for network bandwidth to operate efficiently. Our new analytics provide capabilities to reveal traffic source, network utilization, performance, bandwidth, latency, peak usage periods and capacity. It also shows network resources that are consumed by each user, each application and each data type. These analytics provide actionable performance benchmarks and help network administrators optimize network resources.”

The NetFortris LiveWatch Network Management Suite is a set of cloud-based monitoring and analytics technologies that are designed to provide true visibility into the overall LAN and WAN performance. The LiveWatch Suite offers versatility in reporting to easily identify rogue applications, excessive bandwidth utilization, network scanning and other network issues. LiveWatch collects, analyzes, and reports on data from routers, switches, and other network devices, with the following capabilities:

  • Ability to recognize network vulnerabilities, configuration issues that may needlessly consume network resources or expose your network.
  • Identify traffic which may indicate inappropriate network usage, such as unauthorized use of peer-to-peer file sharing applications or a denial of service attack.
  • View network usage trends to determine when to upgrade for network optimization and capacity.
  • Troubleshoot spikes or increases utilization of network traffic before issues arise.

About NetFortris, Inc.
NetFortris provides secure cloud-based voice and data communications solutions, hosted productivity and specialized applications, and business devices to multi-location enterprises. The NetFortris Platform serves as a central core for all NetFortris services, and delivers enterprise-class security, analytics, and integrated management for simple, scalable and highly secure operations. NetFortris is based San Francisco, California, and offers cloud-based communications, networking and application experience. For more information, please visit or call 888-469-5100

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