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AltusHost, the Premium European Choice for Uptime and Service

AltusHost, the Premium European Choice for Uptime and Service
November 20
08:00 2014

Hosting is the silent partner for your online business – and it pays to make sure you have the right solution from the start. The biggest factor in your selection is the reliability of the host. The more information you have, the more research you do, the better the choice you’ll make.

Your website is your business face to the world and the first point of contact between you and your visitors. The goal is to convert visitors to customers. That means you need your site to be available 24/7. Potential customers visiting online aren’t bound by the clock and can easily be checking out your wares at one in the morning. If your site is down due to technical problems, or simply running slow because of bandwidth problems, they’ll simply leave your site.

Just like you’d lose business if the elevator in your office building was too slow or the electricity kept flickering off and on at your store, a technically inefficient website will deter online sales.

Businesses using AltusHost, a European-based hosting company, praise their consistent uptime, high level of around the clock support and range of price plans. Look at the benefits of using an established, reliable European hosting company for your business.

Location, Location, Location

There’s an old saying: When it comes to setting up your business, the first three things to worry about are location, location, location. It’s true online too. AltusHost is based in Europe, which can give your firm significant advantages over choosing a U.S.-based host. has two data centers across the continent, in Stockholm and Amsterdam. The result is low latency and the highest quality global network peering. Those two terms are important factors when it comes to web hosting. Here’s what they mean in non-technical jargon:

  • Low latency: this means that visitors notice no delays between the time data is input and its matching output.
  • Global network peering: the way that two internet networks connect to each other and allow an exchange of traffic. This is a very cost-effective method, avoiding the need for a outside service to carry the traffic for a fee.

The equipment for the servers and the network infrastructure is all the highest quality, using the most up-to-date components. This includes two speed test servers:

Your Data Stays Private

The company’s privacy policy is based on the Dutch and Swedish laws governing the privacy of your data. More highly developed than in the U.S., the EU Data Protection Directive and the Swedish and Dutch laws deal ensure privacy in the areas of:

  • notice: when your data is collected, you need to be given prior notice
  • purpose: data must be used for the reason stated, and for nothing else
  • consent: your consent is required before data is made available to another party
  • security: all data collected needs to be kept totally secure from unauthorized users
  • disclosure: you are informed who is collecting the data
  • access: you are allowed to see your data, make any corrections to errors or inaccuracies
  • accountability: data collectors are held accountable to ensure they follow the rules

The Client Comes First

A money-oriented approach is the core of U.S. corporate business practices. In Europe, the emphasis in on client satisfaction. AltusHost has a mission to do anything that is needed to keep you a happy client. Doing this consistently, vigorously and with pride, it retains its customers. And makes money in the process.

This insistence that the customer comes first has earned AltusHost a loyal clientele and heartfelt testimonials:

  • “I have been using AltusHost Services the past 3 years. My sites or my servers have not face any downtime.”
  • “Service, very professional and very fast decisions.”
  • “The staff of both sales and technical support serve the customer.”
  • “Whenever I have any issues regarding service, it is solved. I get reply of any question in a couple of minutes.”

The number one priority of our support and sales staff is always the needs of the client. That means getting the job done correctly and on time, providing 24/7 support. They use proactive monitoring of all equipment and your website, meaning they catch problems before you are even aware of them. AltusHost offers free migration service so your data and website are transferred quickly, efficiently and without stress on your part.

VPS Choices

VPS stands for virtual personal server, a cost-effective method for a small to medium size business host its site. It is the middle choice between shared hosting and using a dedicated server. More flexible and more secure than shared hosting, it is much less expensive than running your own dedicated server.

Essentially a VPS is server that runs within a server. A single physical server unit is able to host a number of virtual servers, each isolated from the other. This is done using software called hypervisor that is able to segment the server, keeping each segment independent from the others. Each VPS has its own operating system, unconnected to the others on the server. Each can also be rebooted independently.

AltusHost offers both Linus VPS and Windows VPS. All hosting plans with a control panel installed are fully managed. This includes:

  • setup within 24 hours
  • installation of all software
  • around the clock monitoring for security
  • technical support 24/7
  • 9% uptime guaranteed

Advanced features included in all plans are:

  • SolusVM power panel
  • XEN virtualization
  • full root and admin access

AltusHost uses up-to-date servers, using powerful main nodes with excellent connectivity. This means you are assured that your VPS will consistently deliver top performance. You can install and run third party applications easily. Even large websites run efficiently. Using the tech team and high-end equipment at AltusHost means you can put your energy where it belongs, running your business, instead of worrying about IT issues.

Full Service Hosting

AltusHost, a full server web hosting company with headquarters in the Netherlands, has been in business since 2008. Its goal from the start was providing the highest quality hosting services at the lowest possible price. Its focus is on customer satisfaction, with the result that it currently has over 8,000 clients in more than 110 countries.

It offers the most popular products requested by customers, including:

  • cPanel control panel
  • Softaculous auto installer
  • LiteSpeed web servers
  • CloudLinus reliability
  • unlimited subdomains
  • unlimited email accounts
  • a variety of pricing plans
  • money back guarantee

Promise from the AltusHost

Direct from AltusHost management, here is an explanation of its newest equipment, technology and pricing plans:

AltusHost moved the quality of VPS hosting to the next level. Our VPS Nodes are connected to the internet over a fully redundant Cisco network. Beside the network, the power supply of nodes are redundant, which provide 100% power uptime to nodes.

We’ve decided to continue using HDD’s as storage, but we’ve put inside our nodes Enterprise Class Seagate drives with RAID-10. This allows 2 HDD’s failure and provide to clients speed, stability and safety plus a very decent amount of storage for more than a reasonable price.

In Q2, 2014 we’ve dropped OpenVZ virtualisation from our offer and focused on XEN virtualisation, as a true virtualisation platform, in order to deliver to our valued customers better stability for their business.

What we’ve also managed to do is to improve the quality of our services and offer better packages for a lower price. Our VPS Packages start as low as $19.95/mo and if you purchase cPanel/WHM or DirectAdmin together with a VPS, you will get 24/7 managed support Included in price.

We offer an Industry leading 14-day FULL money back guarantee. That means if you are unsatisfied with any aspect of our services, we will provide you full refund. In other words, trying AltusHost VPS hosting services is 100% risk free.

We also run non stop specials for dedicated servers in the Netherlands and Sweden,  for more information on customer appreciation deals visit

When you bring your company online, go with the best. That’s AltusHost, the premium European-based web host. It has the highest standards of customer service, equipment quality and customer support.


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