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LeaseWeb Referral Program

LeaseWeb Referral Program
October 09
08:50 2014

Any business owner who is looking for a no nonsense way to increase profit margins can benefit from the exciting new referral partnering program offered by LeaseWeb. This is not an average program that requires hours of work for small profits. This program is designed to provide authorized LeaseWeb Referral Partners with real opportunities to generate passive income that has no set requirements for contract fulfillment. In fact, there is no contract to start with, just a straightforward opportunity that includes all of the information and services needed to be successful in a sideline venture that does not require hours of your time or a vast knowledge base to make a go of it.

Benefits of partnering with LeaseWeb

Becoming a partner with LeaseWeb can help you to increase profits for your company with a new stream of passive income that will lend more credibility and higher profits to the status of your business. If you’re tired of working with companies that offer low commission rates with few conversions, LeaseWeb offers a comprehensive program that offers a solution with a partner program that offers high commissions with no limits on referrals and flexibility in making referrals. Here is how they do it.

High commissions on referrals

Partners earn up to sixteen percent on business opportunities referred. The actual percentage amount depends upon the length of the customer contracts and any discounts which may be given to the clients. After a six month period, the final referral fees for client contracts are set, resulting in revenue streams for partners.

Intuitive Partner portal

Easy to use and hassle free tools for submitting referrals and tracking activity are on their way. In the very near future the intuitive Partner portal provides all of these services and more. You’ll be able to track monthly commissions, earning reports, referral status and have access to marketing collateral information that is designed for the purpose of driving new business. This is the equivalent of a one stop shop that provides all of the services you will need to stay informed about your current level of progress and success.

No referral limits and flexibility

Refer as many business potentials as you want with no cap on the number that is allowed. As a LeaseWeb Referral Partner, you have the flexibility to refer as many or as few as you desire, without contract requirements to fulfill on maximums or minimums. So many other referral programs demand a contract and a minimum number of requirements within a set period of time. This can become a burden during peak operation times for your own business. LeaseWeb has eliminated the potential for this happening to their partners.

Additional benefits of partnering with LeaseWeb

The LeaseWeb Partner Network has an additional program called the Reseller Partner Program. Partners who are authorized resellers have the ability to offer LeaseWeb products by either using the LeaseWeb brand name or through the white label method, whichever they prefer. They will have access to additional benefits that include receiving discounts on solutions, services and upgrades offered through LeaseWeb. Early access to special promotions, package discounts and sales leads are also provided, making this a valuable opportunity to further increase profit margins.

About LeaseWeb

LeaseWeb is one of the worlds’ largest hosting brands offering a wide range of hosting solutions. There are few businesses in the online environment that would not profit from exploring the services offered. Expansion for businesses requires sound solutions that are custom designed to fit projected growth rates for a company that is just taking off are of tremendous benefits as the infrastructure must have the capacity to support a sudden influx of traffic and transactions

LeaseWeb features a broad portfolio of on-demand cloud infrastructure, which includes hybrid cloud, public, private, and bare metal, as well as CDN. The launch of its new referral program is available globally. The commission structure is a straightforward offer for channel partners who seek to generate extra recurring income streams from their sites.

How the LeaseWeb Referral Partner Program works

Companies who do not operate within the IaaS industry benefit from identifying new hosting opportunities. LeaseWeb’s referral program is designed to support these companies. IT consultants, managed service providers, systems integrators, web designers and application developers from around the globe are targeted as potential partners. These partners only need refer prospects to LeaseWeb’s large variety of infrastructure solutions.

The reason that referral commissions are determined on a six month basis is because the majority of clients amend their existing services during that time with regard to upgrades in services. This increases the income potential for partners who made the referral and increases the profitability for their companies. In addition to creating extra revenue streams, it helps to build the partnership and trust between customers who are satisfied with the referral to LeaseWeb and may serve to stimulate repeat business and customer loyalty.

Any company interested in bare metal servers, public/private/hybrid cloud , or CDN are potential customers. This makes up the majority of businesses on the internet. That’s a large audience of prospects. LeaseWeb takes care of price quoting and the setup of infrastructure. The process could not be simpler for partners.

Closing thoughts

Including the LeaseWeb Partner Referral Program is an addition that can benefit a company in many different ways. Of course, increased profit margins are the bottom line of any business. Building customer trust, satisfaction and loyalty are also key components in growing your business.

Increasing traffic and potential customers are other important elements. Becoming a LeaseWeb Referral Partner has the tremendous potential to fulfill all of these requirements while simultaneously generating passive streams of additional income. One of the worlds’ largest and most trusted hosting brands is good company to partner with. Trust is equated with interest and repeat business and can be a valuable asset in establishing your online reputation as a sound and reliable provider of goods and services.

For the industry’s highest commission potentials with growth inspiring business opportunities and benefits, the LeaseWeb Partner Referral Program offers promise for anyone interested in expanding their businesses and increasing profit margins. For more information visit

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