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InterWorx To Host Bare Metal Cloud Panel At HostingCon Europe

October 09
12:00 2014

Pittsburgh, PA – InterWorx, makers of a popular server management application that recently announced functionality as a bare metal cloud platform, will host a panel discussion at HostingCon Europe 2014 entitled Virtual vs. Bare Metal Cloud: The Right Solution For The Right Clients. The discussion will be led by InterWorx CTO Paul Oehler, and will include participants from SoftLayer, Internap, Nexcess, and Interxion.

Until recently, the cloud entailed virtualization, but the development of platforms like InterWorx, which brings the flexibility of the cloud to bare metal server deployment and management, has raised questions about what the cloud is and whether the virtualized cloud, with its inherent performance, reliability, and security issues, when compared to creative bare metal alternatives.

“Our team has found that the benefits of virtualized cloud are almost entirely replicable with a bare metal solution,” commented Paul Oehler, CTO of InterWorx, “What the customer gains in flexibility and on-demand pricing with virtualization, they lose in performance, reliability, and security. Bare metal cloud solutions offer an alternative that can go toe-to-toe with the virtual cloud on scalability, while enhancing performance, stability, security, and control.”

The InterWorx-hosted Virtual vs. Bare Metal Cloud panel will consider how bare metal impacts what we mean by the cloud, the core philosophical and technological differences between virtualized and bare metal clouds, and the evolution of the cloud over the next decade in the face of rising concerns about privacy, security, and data sovereignty.

“The cloud has changed the nature of hosting over the last few years and we expect to see even more radical changes going forward,” commented Ms. Kemp, Conference Chair of HostingCon. “This is exactly why HostingCon will continue to bring together industry thought leaders and innovative companies to discuss the continuing development of cloud platforms, on which bare metal cloud technology may have a substantial impact.”

HostingCon 2014 will take place on the 14th and 15th October at Passenger Terminal Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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