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Nextpoint and Clio Partner to Integrate Cloud-based Practice and Litigation Management for Legal Teams

September 19
12:19 2014

Nextpoint and Clio have announced the formation of a strategic initiative to deliver an integrated service offering to law firms seeking to move their practices to the cloud. Nextpoint is the leading cloud-based evidence management service. Clio is the leading provider of cloud-based practice management software. In forging this agreement, the two companies will offer significant discounts to customers using both services, as well as the formation of a beta user group to direct the development of key integration points between Nextpoint’s litigation support technology and Clio’s practice management software.

The announcement comes at the start of the Clio Cloud Conference, a two-day legal technology event being held in Chicago from September 22 to 23.

Nextpoint is a comprehensive evidence management service empowering users to discover the facts in their case. The forthcoming integration with Clio’s law practice management software and online tools, will allow law firms to take advantage of the leading cloud-based technologies in both front-end evidence management and back-end practice management. This maximizes efficiency and cost-savings for legal teams.

The partnership between Nextpoint and Clio will also make it possible for lawyers to integrate their time and billing and litigation workflows. That means they have more time to focus on what’s most important to their practice—serving clients and moving matters forward. “Integrating Clio’s time and billing and collaboration services with Nextpoint’s end-to-end litigation services is a no-brainer,” says Rakesh Madhava, Nextpoint founder and CEO. “Lawyers should be able increase the level of automation between their client-facing service efforts and their internal management systems.”

To offer customers the greatest benefits in using end-to-end litigation and practice management solutions from Nextpoint and Clio, users of both services can take advantage of a 10 percent discount on each service along with free training and consultation from Nextpoint on their next matter. “Nextpoint and Clio were among the first legal technology providers to use the power of Internet technology and the cloud to streamline the practice of law,” says Jack Newton CEO & co-founder of Clio. “I’m thrilled that we can integrate our service offering and help transform a firm’s entire practice, from backend time and billing to front-end litigation services.”

About Nextpoint
Nextpoint is a powerfully simple and cost-effective evidence management solution that brings maximum efficiency to litigation workflows. It’s a comprehensive software-as-a-service that helps you manage data from collection to trial, across all your matters with just one login. Founded as a trial support company in 2001, the company introduced its industry-changing litigation software a few years later. Nextpoint continues to innovate and expand services to law firms, corporations and government agencies of all sizes.

About Clio
Clio makes law practice management easy with legal case management software and online tools for small- to mid-sized law firms. The company’s time and billing software streamlines the time tracking and billing process so you can initiate time tracking on a matter instantly from anywhere in the app. Calendars access legal professionals daily, weekly and monthly meetings from anywhere and built in collaboration tools allow legal teams to share documents and control access to important law firm documents.

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