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InterWorx Launches Private Beta of Bare Metal Cloud for Superior Hosting

August 18
12:47 2014

InterWorx, a popular web hosting interface, has announced new functionality as a bare metal cloud platform. The bare metal cloud is a server management solution that replicates all of the best features of a virtualized cloud platform, without any of the drawbacks that come from virtualization; such as diminished efficiency, poorer uptime, incompatibility with various applications, and data loss.

This new solution greatly simplifies the power and reliability of providing a high availability hosting environment; a feature intended to benefit site owners, solutions vendors, and server administrators.

With high availability, InterWorx removed the only remaining single point of failure of InterWorx’s easy-to-deploy server clusters, allowing businesses that depend on their sites and applications to have full confidence that, for any server that might go offline, the hosting experience remains stable and secure. InterWorx accomplishes this without relying on virtualization, which leads to data loss at 65% of organizations that deploy it according to data protection specialist Kroll Ontrack.

“Adding high availability to InterWorx makes it the most powerful solution available for bare metal cloud hosting, or any variety of cloud hosting for that matter,” said Paul Oehler, CTO of InterWorx, “Traditional control panels fall short of being full-fledged hosting platforms, and virtualized cloud platforms are full of flaws which create an unnecessary risk to uptime and the integrity of a client’s data.”

InterWorx has already begun deploying the bare metal cloud. To join the waiting list, which went online this morning, visit

About InterWorx:
InterWorx is a server management application that ties together the best elements of a web hosting interface, a cloud platform, and an extremely affordable solution for high availability load balancing and clustering. For more information, visit

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