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Vodien Widens Its Global Content Delivery Network

July 14
11:57 2014

Singapore, Singapore – Vodien further expands its Content Delivery Network (CDN) capacity by including 15 new points of presence (POP) in key cities around the world. These cities are: (Asia) Hong Kong, Batam, Tokyo, Melbourne, Sydney, (Europe) Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Madrid, Stockholm, (North America) Chicago, Dallas, Ashburn, Atlanta, Miami and (South America) Sao Paulo. POPs are strengthened with more resources and bandwidth in cities that Vodien currently serves such as Singapore, Jakarta, London, Paris, Vienna, Los Angeles, New York, San Jose and Seattle. The latest additions guarantee that customers can expect faster connectivity and exceptional performance when accessing their websites no matter where they are in the world.

Every POP added is a first-class edge server with more allowance assigned for future expansion. As online content consumption continues to grow, Vodien plans to have more POPS in strategic global locations to meet this demand.

“Most of the online audience is not in one singular area, but rather, located everywhere around the world. Vodien’s continuous CDN expansion means that content is delivered to the intended audience from the nearest edge network location faster,” says Jim Yang, Vodien’s Infrastructure Manager. “Adding more points of presence will support Vodien customers’ websites and allow them to deliver content more efficiently to their audiences.”

New customers will find it easy to sign up for Vodien’s CDN Hosting services because it’s fast and simple to set up. Their CDN hosting plans support all web hosting accounts regardless of whether they are hosted by Vodien, and they they don’t need to make any changes to their website files to use Vodien’s CDN. When they are expecting an increase in traffic on their website, they can scale it to get more bandwidth when they need it.

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