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Vodien Offers Premium Server Colocation Hosting from Its Secure Data Colocation Centers

July 22
11:39 2014

Singapore – Small businesses which may not have extensive resources to operate their own data center and IT infrastructure can now lease colocation services from Vodien’s 10,000-sq.ft data centers in Changi and Tai Seng. It comes with power supply, IP address, 24/7 physical surveillance and security, and guaranteed 100 Mbps bandwidth for every rack space subscription, allowing clients to launch and manage their IT infrastructure conveniently at an affordable cost.

“I can’t stress enough the importance of housing clients’ servers in data centers that have generous bandwidth allocation, reliable performance and security,” says CEO Bill Poh. “However, there are many businesses that are still not considering its advantages to improve their service offerings and boost their bottom line. Our key objective here is to provide these businesses with massive growth potential, minus the headache of managing a traditional IT department.”

Its server colocation services in its Changi and Tai Seng data centers are equipped with spacious facilities catered to every client’s IT requirements: 230-volt uninterruptible power supply with fully redundant generators and transformers, 360° room monitoring (temperature, fire, humidity, power and water), 24/7 highly secured access controls and surveillance (to protect servers and appliances), Primary Reference Source (PRS), and 24-hour clocking system.

One key difference that sets Vodien apart from their competitors is their commitment to providing transparency and exceptional service tailored to every client. Bill Poh goes on to state that “Vodien’s competitive pricing structure and terms are explained beforehand to our customers to ensure that there is no room for confusion and their needs are satisfied.”

About Vodien
Vodien is a Server and Full-rack Colocation Hosting provider based in Singapore. Since 2002, they have offered high performance and secure colocation hosting to more than 15,000 websites worldwide. Their colocation services feature state-of-the-art IT architecture made available for small, medium to large corporations. They offer single, half and full-rack servers to accommodate various storage needs. Find out more about Vodien’s server colocation at

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